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Supporting International H.S. Students in the College Search

With the growth of international students in US high schools, and their transition from these schools to American colleges and universities, admission and counseling professionals are experiencing new challenges.

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  • Mental Health and the College Search Process

    The Netflix phenomenon “13 Reasons Why” has sparked lively conversations about mental health and suicide, prompting schools across the country to have frank discussions with their students. This webinar highlights mental health issues that arise as a result of or in relation to the college application process.

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  • Advising Prospective NCAA Student-Athletes

    This webinar explores the role of school counselors in supporting and guiding student-athletes through the process of NCAA initial eligibility and recruiting. Topics include initial-eligibility requirements, core-course review, the new SAT, college choice, and recruiting.

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  • NACAC's IAS Committee Best Practices: Yield and Retention

    During this webinar, admission and retention professionals share the programming and outreach they do to attract admitted students and retain them. They also share why these efforts are particularly important when it comes to students of color and first-generation students.

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  • Recommendations for Improving the Transfer Experience

    This webinar begins with some key questions to consider if your institution wants to assess its approach to transfer. The main focus of the webinar is on the themes and specific recommendations for improving transfer made by two- and four-year institutions that engaged in systematic self-studies of their approach to transfer.

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  • The 2017–18 FAFSA: What School Counselors Need to Know

    This webinar will provide school counselors with what they need to know about the 2017-2018 FAFSA. This webinar is presented by the American School Counselor Association and is the third of a three-part series, presented in conjunction with NACAC and the College Board.

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  • What's Your Story? Helping Students Write Their College Essays

    This webinar describes what makes an effective, compelling college essay while exploring key elements such as content, voice, tone and length. It also provides various methods for helping students identify and develop topics, including some self-discovery exercises that encourage students to contemplate and connect key moments and elements in their lives.

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  • The Value Proposition of HBCUs

    Historically black colleges and universities contribute disproportionately to the nation’s postsecondary outcomes, enrolling and graduating a greater share of students—especially those from low-income, academically-underprepared backgrounds—than their numbers indicate.

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  • Help Military and Veteran Students Navigate the Admission Process

    This webinar offers critical information to enhance admission professionals' understanding of today's veteran and strengthen their ability to better serve this growing population.

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  • Planning for Changes Coming with 2017-18 FAFSA

    This webinar provides key information about the 2017-18 FAFSA. Suggestions for the timing of financial aid activities and a review of the many resources available for counselors, students, and families will be highlighted. This webinar is presented by College Board and is the second of a three-part series, presented in conjunction with NACAC and ASCA.

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  • Engaging Underrepresented Students in the College Process

    This webinar highlights what secondary and postsecondary school professionals can do to help underrepresented students navigate the college admission process. This webinar is presented by NACAC's Inclusion, Access and Success Committee.

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  • Ethics and the Early FAFSA

    To ensure that secondary school counselors are prepared to speak with students and families about the new FAFSA, this webinar examines the ethical implications. Members of NACAC’s Admission Practices Committee give an overview of NACAC’s code of ethics, the Statement of Principles of Good Practice, as it relates to the Early FAFSA. This webinar is the first in a series hosted by NACAC, College Board and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA).

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  • Early FAFSA and Enrollment Management

    This webinar aims to help admissions officers better understand the move to an earlier FAFSA submission date. A Department of Education and Federal Student Aid representative speak on the issue. This webinar is presented by AACRAO and is the third of a three-part series, presented in conjunction with NACAC and the College Board.

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  • Helping Admission Staff Talk About Early FAFSA

    Admission recruiters are often the first point of contact with families regarding the financial aid process. This webinar discuss best practices in preparing admission officers to speak about changes to the FAFSA to students and families. This webinar is the second in a series hosted by NACAC, the College Board and AACRAO.

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  • Prepping for Prior-Prior Year

    This webinar helps identify opportunities, challenges, and factors for admission professionals to consider to assure a successful transition to the new FAFSA. Real-life examples from colleagues across the country are also shared. This webinar is presented by the College Board and is the first of a three-part series, presented in conjunction with NACAC and AACRAO.

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  • The Use of Data in the Admissions/Recruitment Process

    This webinar provides specific cases for the use of data analysis in support of central admission/recruitment functions and suggestions of how to set a framework for facilitating the transition to a culture of data accountability.

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  • Counseling Students to Study in the United States

    This webinar aims to enhance your understanding of the international student experience when applying to and enrolling at US colleges and universities, and gain applicable tips and strategies for advising them through the process.

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  • Benefits of Army ROTC

    This webinar discusses the US Army Reserve's ROTC program's vision and mission, the scholarships available to students, what students can expect in ROTC and methods for fostering future career success in military and civilian careers.

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  • Best Practices for Supporting Undocumented Students

    This webinar highlights best practices for supporting undocumented students during each phase of the college search process, and will also explore policies and procedures that assist on their journey to graduation.

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  • Best Practices to Support Homeless Youth

    This webinar provides an overview of guidance and legislation which encourages higher education professionals to advocate for homeless youth, and increase their access to higher education. It also provides best practices to encourage college access counselors to work with homeless education professionals to increase higher education access for homeless youth.

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  • Education Benefits Through the U.S. Army Reserve

    The Army Reserve helps students pay for college through tuition assistance and scholarships, and many Reserve units offer the option to attend college as a full-time student without interruption. Additionally, the Army Reserve will help pay off student loans if college has already been completed.

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  • CFPB Tools and Resources for Students and Families

    This webinar covers the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's vast array of tools and resources available for young consumers and their families, intended to help them make informed financial decisions about paying for college. Additionally, the webinar explores the Bureau's complaint system, which is available for consumers to submit issues pertaining to their student loans.

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  • Assisting Transgender Students in the College Application Process

    How can a high school assist transgender students in their college application process? This webinar shares pointers about how to identify trans-supportive colleges, as well as how students can present themselves.

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  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

    This webinar describes the International Baccalaureate Diploma’s unique nuances and consistent strengths. Expand and deepen your knowledge in order to appropriately guide your students through the college admission process.

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  • The Common Application and the Path to College Enrollment

    As the Common Application staff prepare for the launch of the 2016-2017 application, this webinar provides updates on what to expect in the new year and a discussion of access initiatives that range from virtual advising to FAFSA completion to counselor professional development.

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  • Shared Responsibility for Advising Dual and Concurrent Enrollment

    This webinar shares emerging trends in dual enrollment/concurrent enrollment, focusing on a successful model of partnership between university advisors and school counselors to disseminate the information that parents and students need to make informed choices.

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  • I Want to Study in Ireland

    Ireland is the 7th most popular study abroad destination for American students according to the Institute of International Education’s 2015 Open Doors report. This webinar provides comprehensive information on higher education in Ireland with particular emphasis on applying to colleges or universities in Ireland.

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  • The Path to Top Colleges for Students with Limited Resources

    Students with limited resources rarely apply to top colleges. Many ignore that top colleges are actively seeking outstanding candidates regardless of their economic background. What’s more, a great number of colleges offer generous financial aid to make sure every student can afford to attend. This webinar discusses effective strategies to help high-achieving, low-income students access the best fit college.

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  • Individual Learning Plans for College and Career Readiness

    During this webinar, representatives from NACAC and Hobsons discuss a joint report which explores how states and schools have responded to increased demands for college and career readiness through schools' use and implementation of Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). The presenters also offer recommendations for policy and practice based on research findings.

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