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NACAC's Virtual Tech Showcase provides admission professionals with an easy and efficient way to evaluate tools, platforms, and services needed now more than ever before as higher education grapples with admission challenges resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. NACAC partners and admission experts present case studies and information about tools, platforms, and services that help solve critical college admission needs.

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Transitioning to Test-Optional Admission

Many colleges are grappling with how to make a speedy transition to test-optional admission practices. To complicate matters, the transcript evaluation process is now more difficult because so many high schools adopted pass/fail grading in the spring of 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The good news? Many colleges have a long tradition of test-optional admission policies and valuable insights to share. To help you sort through the considerations, implications, and challenges, NACAC is hosting a two-day Transitioning to Test-Optional Admission Forum on August 20-21.

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NACAC invites our industry partners to engage with association members via our new Industry Insights thought leader webinar series.

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  • Empower Your Students to Become College Ready

    College admission counseling professionals are facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. With most colleges opting to teach students remotely, how can you adequately prepare students for the transition from secondary to post-secondary education? Moreover, because the future looks so dubious, many students are feeling disillusioned when it comes to applying for college. How can college admission and counseling professionals equip students with a growth mindset and the relevant skills they need to stay positive and become college-ready? Join our webinar and hear from experts on how to help students become college-ready in a world of uncertainty.

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  • An Evolving View of Strategic Enrollment Management

    Will on-campus life, with its football games and socials, ever return to the close-knit collaborative experience it once was? Will fall travel season be replaced by a more social distancing-friendly recruitment tactic? Once flu season comes back around, will we all be forced to return to our virtual classrooms and virtual admissions offices? During this session, undergraduate leaders will share the questions they’re facing and offer insight into how they’re doing their best to answer them as strategic enrollment management evolves.

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  • NAIA rule changes for student-athletes during COVID-19

    Wonder how eligibility changes will impact your student-athletes? Interested in how you can help student-athletes learn about opportunities to pursue their sport in college and the 250+ institutions that offer college scholarships in the NAIA? Hear from NAIA senior leaders on the organization’s flexible approach to student-athlete eligibility in response to COVID-19 and on the unique opportunities to play college sports at an NAIA member institution. Presenters will address the following: - Impact of COVID-19 on eligibility rules (pass/fail, distance learning, SAT/ACT exceptions, etc.) - Resources to help your students navigate athletic eligibility in the NAIA - Navigating registration with the NAIA Eligibility Center - Learn how to create your NAIA transcript portal account so you’re ready to send transcripts to the NAIA

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  • Strategic Uses of Loan Repayment Assistance Programs

    During this webinar, you will learn how concerns about cost and student debt are impacting college decisions more than ever; including college choice, major and career choice, as well as whether to pursue college at all. Case studies will be shared to demonstrate how colleges are using Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) today to strategically help students and families overcome these concerns to enable students to pursue their passions at their college of choice. Finally, data about the impact of LRAPs on enrollment, yield, and college preference will be shared.

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  • Leveraging AI to Drive Student Enrollment & Retention Amid COVID

    COVID-19 has put admission targets at risk. AI can help keep prospective and current students engaged and engaged. Learn how Ocelot helps enrollment management teams combine text campaigns and AI chatbot support. The result: more students on campus and engaged. During this webinar, presenters will address the following: Impact of COVID-19: Initial shock, Spring/Summer contingency planning Concerns for Fall enrollment from both the student and institution perspective Dissecting the "where" and "why" students melt and what admissions can do to slow or reverse it Leveraging AI technology to engage prospective students to remove friction across enrollment processes

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  • Support Seniors Virtually Through the College Admission Process

    Are you struggling with how to virtually support your high school seniors through the college admission process? This ASCA Pop Up Webinar features NACAC and a practicing high school counselor who discuss ways to virtually support high school seniors and parents through this important time in their life.

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  • Online Instruction 101: Practical Tips to Deliver Your Lesson Pla

    Schools are closed, and educators worldwide are turning to online instruction. But a digital whiteboard isn’t your classroom whiteboard. Ten green raised-hand icons isn’t ten students’ hands in the air. The digital classroom isn’t your classroom. But it is ours, and we want to help it become just as familiar to you too, so you can stay just as impactful an educator as ever. Learn from Revolution Prep's seven years’ experience in online instruction.

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  • NCAA Eligibility Rule Changes for Student-Athletes During COVID-1

    Last week, the NCAA announced several changes to initial eligibility requirements for incoming freshman student-athletes. These alternate standards include, in certain circumstances, the waiving of standardized test scores and senior year coursework. These changes, a response to disruptions caused at high schools nationwide due to the COVID-19 crisis, apply to both Division I and Division II athletes for the upcoming 2020-21 academic year. Representatives from the NCAA will be joining us to discuss alternative review standards for course completion and pass/fail grades. They will also review the resources available to assist counselors and provide guidance on reporting requirement changes.

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  • COVID-19: Admissions' Plan B for Campus Visits

    No one knows what will happen with campus tours this fall. Will anyone show-up? What options exist for visitors? What happens to student tour guides? What technical, management and costs must be considered? This webinar will help admission offices develop a Plan B.

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  • Cambridge International in the Us: What You Need To Know

    This webinar provides a brief overview of the Cambridge International program, clarifies its local and national growth in both schools and higher education policies, and highlights how transcripts and results information are critical to the admission office.

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  • AI For Student Success: Tapping Chatbots to Reverse Summer Melt

    Learn how Winston-Salem State University and Wayne State University are tapping the power of AI to personalize communication at scale and streamline the enrollment process - using chatbots to guide students in real time, reduce melt, and increase yield.

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  • Technology, Testing, and International Student Enrollment

    There are increasing concerns about the accessibility and security of admissions testing for international students. Coupled with 3 years of consecutive decreases in new international student enrollment, universities are seeking new strategies to support international recruitment and admissions. Learn more about how admissions offices have tackled these challenges and how the Duolingo English Test provides an accessible, secure, and insightful tool for international admission.

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  • Going Merry: A One-Stop Shop for Scholarships

    Going Merry is a platform that makes it easy for students to find and apply for scholarships. It's free for students and schools to use (a fee is charged to large scholarship providers). Going Merry currently works with more than 9,000 high schools across the US. Learn how students can use the platform to apply directly for local and national scholarships. *This webinar is sponsored by Going Merry and is free for all viewers.

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