NACAC Guiding Principles for Event Site Selection

NACAC hosts numerous in-person events and meetings over the course of any given year. The process for selecting sites for in-person events involves many factors. These include:

  • Hosting events in various regions to increase access to events for NACAC members and other attendees.
  • Rotating the location of events to various NACAC Affiliate locations.
  • The cost of renting convention centers, hotel meeting rooms, and other event spaces.
  • The availability of sufficient hotel rooms for the size of the event.
  • The walkability surrounding the event site.
  • The availability of domestic and international flights for attendees.
  • The availability of facilities. On average, most large event sites are reserved about five years in advance.

In addition to the logistical considerations, NACAC utilizes these guiding principles set forth by the NACAC Board of Directors:

  • Prioritizing access for professionals and students.
    We support students and professionals from around the world. All college admission counseling professions deserve access to our services and initiatives.
  • Scaling economic and education impact.
    NACAC events create a significant economic impact in the host location, especially for workers in the service industries that support the event. Holding events in a range of locations also brings educational opportunities for professionals. Regional diversity is important because of these impacts.
  • Servicing public high school counselors and public postsecondary institutions with virtual programs.
    Many public secondary and postsecondary institutions do not have the budget to pay for fees, travel, and accommodations for counselors or admission officers to attend events in-person. Virtual access options are important for professional development opportunities.
  • Considering the financial implications.
    NACAC must consider sites that will support the financial stability of the association.
  • Planning and mission transcendence.
    NACAC is not a political organization. NACAC needs to be in spaces to support all professionals as they pursue their career development and to support all students in their quest to achieve a postsecondary education. The organization’s mission and service to students and professionals should transcend politics.