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Advocating for a student’s best interest in the admission process is the primary ethical concern for college admission professionals. NACAC provides guidance through a number of initiatives, including in NACAC’s Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admission.

Statement of Policy

A focus on the integrity and ethics of NACAC members enables trust in the field and ensures students and institutions are well-served. A well-functioning higher education ‘market’ requires transparency, informed decision making, student protections against fraud and abuse, and minimal complexity. Investments in college access and success will only succeed if the marketplace into which students are seeking to be placed conduct practices that facilitate equitable entry. Invariably, movement away from ethical practice pose a threat to institutional, state, and federal higher education policy goals. Guidance and decision-making by NACAC professionals should adhere to rigorous professional standards associated with counseling, enrollment functions, with integrity and ethics as the underpinnings of this work. 

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