International Membership

Learn more about NACAC membership for internationally focused professionals 

NACAC is proud to serve college admission counseling professionals across the globe, with membership representation from 55 countries and countless members based in the US who focus on supporting international students!

These professionals are invited to apply for the membership category that best matches their professional circumstances.

A NACAC membership unlocks best in class opportunities and resources for community engagement and professional development. Joining this professional association demonstrates a commitment to advocacy, ethics, and best practices in the field of college admission counseling. A NACAC membership also adds value through a host of member-only savings on conferences, professional development opportunities, publications, recruitment events, and networking opportunities. In addition to our vast array of member benefits, there are some experiences that may be of particular interest to those working outside of the US and those who work with international students:

  • Significant savings on the International University Advocate Badge, a self-paced professional certificate program that shares expertise and skills to successfully support students who are interested in applying to colleges outside of their home country.
  • Access to NACAC’s cultural fluency knowledge center, which aggregates resources to address cultural fluency at an individual, institutional and structural level.
  • Ability to consistently understand what is happening in the world of college admissions counseling for international students through NACAC’s International Counselor Toolkit.
  • Countless resources to share with students, including the Guide to College Admission Counseling, Step by Step College Awareness & Planning, and Trusted Sources: Seeking Advice on Applying to Universities in Another Country.
  • Free access to NACAC’s Guide to International University Admission, which features country profiles and admission how-tos for 15 top and emerging destination countries.
  • Opportunity to engage with Special Interest Groups, micro communities providing an opportunity for knowledge sharing and networking. SIGs include International Baccalaureate SIG, French Baccalaureate SIG, and International Secondary Students in the US SIG, among many others.

Eligibility Requirements: 

Specific eligibility requirements are tied to membership categories, which you can explore here (hyperlink to What to Know Before You Apply page). However, there are a few added requirements for institutions outside of the US, which you will find below. 

Institutions located outside the US must provide documentation affirming their qualifications for membership in one of three ways.   

  •  A school representative must attest that the school offers a curriculum that results in a high school diploma or comparable credential. In addition, the school must provide documentation from the ministry of education or other official entity proving that the school is recognized by its country’s government.
  • NACAC must be able to obtain written verification regarding the validity of the school from EducationUSA, the US Department of State, or an equivalent source.
  • Submit a link to a government website (translated in English) that affirms the school offers a curriculum that results in a high school diploma or comparable credential 

Not-for-profit postsecondary degree-granting institutions regionally or nationally accredited in accordance with policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors. 

  • Institutions located in the US (including international schools) must be accredited by an educational accrediting agency.
  • Institutions located outside the US must provide written documentation from the ministry of education or other official entity proving that the school is not-for-profit and is recognized by its country’s government or appears on a government website. Documentation must be translated to English.