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NACAC is proud to offer our members complimentary access to webinars on a variety of topics. Our webinars are timely and relevant to the latest issues in college admission counseling. Connect with colleagues and learn from experts through these valuable professional development opportunities!

Meeting the Moment Webinar Series:
College Admission Counseling’s Expansion of Strategies to Sustain DEI Goals

Meeting the Moment is a five-part webinar series meant to demonstrate new approaches to cultivating diversity and equity in the college admission process. The webinar topics are designed to enhance conversations among college admission counseling professionals as they prepare for a possible adverse ruling from the Supreme Court in the SFFA v. Harvard / UNC race-conscious admission cases. This webinar series is designed to share research-informed, promising practices from institutions and schools, including a focus on states currently practicing “race-neutral” admissions. A curricular guide will be provided, including segments from The Playbook (2d ed.); relevant amicus briefs filed before the U.S. Supreme Court (filed by the University of Michigan and UC System Leaders); and published research reports (to be named).

Webinar 1: Legal and Policy Fundamentals

Recording now available!

Webinar 2: Eliminating Barriers

Recording now available!

Webinar 3: Challenging Assumptions – Calculus and math pathways

Recording now available!

Webinar 4: Imagining What’s Possible – Rethinking how we assess student potential (RCA)

Coming June 29. Register today!

Webinar 5: Expanding Horizons: Enhancing All Facets of Holistic Review

Date, time coming soon!

Webinar Recordings

Meeting the Moment Webinar 3: Challenging Assumptions – Calculus and math pathways

Recorded May 2, 2023 A panel of experts in mathematics curricula and admission [...]

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