This webinar will highlight the differences between studying in the USA and UK and why studying for an English degree in England might be beneficial to students who are interested in the humanities. We will also delve deeper into how English programs are structured in the UK and here at the University of Lincoln (English Lit, Creative Writing and Journalism, etc.). Dr. Laura Gill, a Lecturer in English in the School of English and Journalism will also highlight some of her research and other topics undergraduates might find interesting to explore in their bachelor’s degree.

Learning Objective: Learn about the differences between American and UK universities including specific majors in the humanities such as English Literature, Creative Writing and Journalism.

Date and Time: Monday, July 31st, 2:00pm ET/11:00am PT


Olivia Bailey

International Office for the Americas
University of Lincoln

Dr. Laura Gill

Lecturer in English
Lincoln School of Humanities & Heritage
University of Lincoln

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