Everyone today is inundated with information overwhelm, especially prospective college students and student-athletes. Personalized Video reduces the noise by captivating the viewer by name and providing them with only relevant data (via your CRM) that corresponds to their particular situation (background and interests). Join us to learn how to develop a comprehensive strategy for your institution that uses personalized video (including captions and on-demand metrics). These unique videos are a powerful tool that engages and connects on a very personal level to attract new students and student-athletes. Personalized Videos have an 86% average click-through rate, compared to 34% for generic videos — and 93% of organizations using personalized videos experience an increase in conversion rates. The use of these videos will maintain and increase enrollment conversion efforts by reducing information overload resulting in a measurable ROI.

Recorded June 29, 2023


Bill Haley

Founder & President
Allied Pixel

Tom Mikowski

Vice President of Business Development & Higher Education Partnerships
Allied Pixel

Cathy Toner, JD, MJ

Assistant Dean-Talent & Staff Development, Community & External Outreach
Villanova School of Business