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NACAC is dedicated to undertaking rigorous, unbiased research exploring issues of concern to college-bound students, their parents and the educators who serve them.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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How Can High School Counseling Shape Students' Postsecondary Attendance?

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Overtime Regulation Provision

NACAC recently surveyed its members to get a sense of how colleges and universities are planning to comply with the new regulation.

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How Can High School Counseling Shape Students' Postsecondary Attendance?

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Preparing Students for College: What High Schools are Doing and How their Actions Influence Ninth Graders' College Attitudes, Aspirations, and Plans

In order to understand the ways US high schools are preparing students for the college transition process, NACAC, in partnership with MPR Associates, analyzed data from the US Department of Education's High School Longitudinal Study. The report largely examines high school counselors including how their attitudes and interactions with students affect ninth graders’ college aspirations.​

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Research Reports

NACAC research illuminates complex elements of college admission counseling and comprise a unique body of knowledge in the field.

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