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NACAC is dedicated to undertaking rigorous, unbiased research exploring issues of concern to college-bound students, their parents and the educators who serve them.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Explore Student-to-Counselor Ratios by School District

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Student-to-Counselor Ratios by School District

To highlight differences in student-to-counselor ratios, NACAC has prepared a series of state maps highlighting school district-level data available from the US Department of Education. Although state averages provide a general sense of how states are meeting students’ school counseling needs, they can mask substantial differences in student-to-counselor ratios within states. A school district-level analysis draws attention to areas most in need of outreach and support.

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Fact Sheet: Partnering With International Recruitment Agents During COVID

A new fact sheet on the use of international student recruitment agents is now available for free download. NACAC collaborated with AIRC on a survey to learn about agent use by US colleges and universities during COVID-19.

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Paving the Path to Success: A Snapshot of Career and College Counseling in India

NACAC, in partnership with IC3 (International Career and College Counseling) Institute, developed a first of its kind survey of high schools in India. The survey aimed to develop a baseline understanding of the Indian counseling profession and to ascertain the current status of counseling programs in India's schools. Results, while not representative of all schools, highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of the current school counseling system in India and provides implications for practice to understand the barriers many Indian counselors feel prevent them from providing quality counseling services.

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Survey: COVID-19 Upends Data Sources Used in College Recruitment

Nearly 53 percent of respondents to a survey from the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) reported that COVID-19 will have a substantial or profound impact on student recruitment for Fall 2021 and beyond. The finding was part of a larger NACAC study examining strategic data analytics in college admission offices.

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NACAC research illuminates complex elements of college admission counseling and comprise a unique body of knowledge in the field.

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