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Managing the Application Process

Data Security for Higher Education

Data security is increasingly important as there are a [...]

Agents and International Student Recruitment

For some secondary schools, colleges, and universities, partnering with [...]

High School Admission

International students end up at US high schools through [...]

Supporting International High School Students at US High Schools

Enrolling international students has school-wide implications. It is important [...]

College Counseling for International Students

Counseling international students varies in significant ways from counseling domestic [...]

Transitioning to College

Once an international student has been accepted to one [...]

Student Mobility

The growth of international student enrollment at American high [...]

NACAC Opposes DHS Proposed Rule to Eliminate Duration of Status for International Students in the US

Arlington, VA (Sept. 25, 2020) – The National Association for College [...]

Commissioned Agents and NACAC’s Guide to Ethical Practice Series

For some colleges and universities partnering with commissioned agents to [...]

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