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Research and Reports2023-12-14T13:36:33-05:00

Research and Reports

NACAC’s research and reports offer insights, data, and context on various topics in college admission counseling.


State of College Admission Report

For the last two decades, NACAC’s State of College Admission report has been a key source of college admission trend data. For 2023, the report has been redesigned as an online interactive tool that will be updated throughout the year.

Additional Research and Reports

Preparing Students for College: What High Schools are Doing and How their Actions Influence Ninth Graders’ College Attitude, Aspirations, and Plans

By Alexandria Walton Radford & Nicole Ilfill A nationally representative survey highlights the ways [...]

A National Look at the High School Counseling Office: What is it Doing and What Role Can it Play in Facilitating Students’ Paths to College?

By Alexandria Walton Radford, Nicole Ilfill, & Terry Lew The second phase of a [...]

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