NACAC Report on Standardized Testing

This 2020 report is called “Ensuring All Students Have Access to Higher Education: The Role of Standardized Testing in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond – Guidance for Colleges and Universities.”

Defining Access: How Test-Optional Works

This 2008 report was based on a national study of test-optional admission that included data on over 900,000 individual applicant records from 28 institutions that had adopted a test-optional policy.

Use of Predictive Validity Studies to Inform Admission Practices

Survey data from more than 400 US colleges show that while the majority of institutions require students to submit ACT or SAT scores, only half track how well standardized tests predict student success on their campuses.

MACAC’s Test-Optional Resources

Minnesota ACAC believes that all colleges and universities have the capacity to make a shift to test-optional and that doing so will be beneficial for many. See MACAC’s statement and resources.

NACAC Encourages Public Institutions and Systems to Make Submitting Standardized Admission Test Scores Optional for the 2021-22 Admission Cycle

In this critical time, public colleges must be mindful of their founding purpose of serving students and families and recognize that lifting testing requirements in 2020–21 will be in the students’ best interest. Taking this action will strengthen the future of our nation’s public colleges.