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What’s Noteworthy

Professional Certificate: Data-Informed Territory Management

Learn more about NACAC’s professional certificate program.

February 2023 NACAC Board Meeting Update

NACAC Chair Vern Granger checks in with an update from NACAC’s incisive February Board Meeting.

Professional Certificate: College Admission for Emerging Leaders

Learn more about NACAC’s professional certificate program.

Member Voices

“NACAC has provided me with a network of support with professionals that encounter and overcome many of the same challenges I deal with every day. Having access to these mentors and leaders makes me feel more motivated about the work we do in admission and navigating these challenges is essential for staying in the field and achieving professional growth.”

Miguel Alvarez, Associate Director of Admission at Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
“NACAC has allowed me to create professional relationships with colleagues across the world and I know that I can pick up the phone and call any NACAC member to help me in guiding a student properly or to simply listen when things can feel unfair in the college admission process. I am so grateful for the continued conversations on hard topics that affect our students.”
Sonali Perera Bridges, Independent Educational Consultant, Bridges Educational Consulting (CA)

“NACAC has provided me the opportunity to connect with leaders in our field, to establish relationships, and to acquire knowledge that has allowed me to grow professionally. For me, NACAC is a trusted resource that provides valuable information at every level of your career, a professional roadmap of sorts.”

Vishon Luck, Director of Recruitment, Virginia Commonwealth University
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