E-Learning Course: College Admission Ethics in Action

College Admission Ethics in Action is an essential training course for everyone on campus involved in student recruitment.

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Course description

Need to know
This 30-minute online course instills knowledge of basic legal and ethical boundaries as they apply to the college admission process.

The course includes training in three areas of potential trouble for campuses: avoiding conflicts of interest, keeping private information private, and accurately representing the institution. It features scenarios, animations, and more to illustrate what’s appropriate and what’s not.

Target audience
College Admission Ethics in Action is for all individuals who interact with prospective college students and parents, including:

  • College tour guides

  • Student ambassadors

  • Coaches and athletic department staff

  • Alumni interviewers

  • Entry-level admission staff

  • College fair representatives

  • Faculty involved in program recruiting

  • Development officers

Set the standard for your institution
The course is a baseline prevention tool for avoiding scandals, such as Varsity Blues, that can put employees and institutions at risk. By offering College Admission Ethics in Action, your institution communicates its ethical values and promotes integrity at all steps of the admission process.

Get your campus aligned
College Admission Ethics in Action is easy to administer as individual staff development, as part of onboarding, or as training for an entire office, department, or campus.

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This e-learning course is available from the National Association for College Admission Counseling, the trusted source in college admission. 

Purchase the course in the NACAC Store or contact customer service for more information.

Course details

Three learning modules

  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

  • Protecting Privacy

  • Providing Accurate Representation

Why offer this course

  • Easily administer ethics training across campus

  • Demonstrate your institution’s commitment to ethical admission practices

  • Safeguard your college’s reputation

  • Leverage NACAC’s admission expertise

Ways to offer

  • As HR onboarding

  • As required annual training for departments

  • As on-demand staff development

Course pricing


Individual and preview price

  • $24 each
  • Cost will be credited to a group license if purchased within 60 days

Annual group price

  • $22.50 each for 25 - 50 learners
  • $20 each for up to 100 learners
  • $16 each for up to 300 learners


  • $6,250 for an unlimited annual license

Alternate hosting and licensing arrangements are available.

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