Call for Journal Interviewees

The Journal of College Admission is looking for members willing to be interviewed about the following:

Enrollment-Tech Mesh: How Roles are Shifting to Meet New Data Needs
Our writer would like to speak with admission/enrollment professionals at mid-size to large universities who are seeing changes in their job descriptions, thanks to the growing need for data collection and manipulation. Interview questions will concentrate on:

  • Data science becoming commonplace in admission/enrollment departments
  • Shifting educational credentials
  • Who/what admission offices are looking for when they hire
  • Data/ROI responsibilities

Graduate Satisfaction: The Real Perception of College Value
Our writer is looking for objective research about college value. Interview questions will concentrate on:

  • Sources—large studies and studies particular to your school—showing graduate satisfaction
  • Whether the current economy has improved attitudes
  • How counseling and admission professional communicate value (using objective data)
  • How free college plays into the discussion

For-Profit Frenzy: Rollback of Protections for Students
Our writer will set the stage—the rise of for-profits, past efforts to curb predatory actions, and the current administration’s policies—and is looking for secondary school counselors (especially those working at public schools) to share their observations and concerns. Interview questions will concentrate on:

  • Why students think for-profits are a good option (admission process easier/less stringent)
  • Marketing/scam tactics and which kinds of student are most vulnerable
  • Students who have taken this path and how it’s affected their future
  • What counselors should say to students and families considering this option


Additionally, we are looking for members who'd like to participate in the Colleagues' Corner column or author the inspirational Commencement Speech column. If you have presented at the NACAC national conference, Guiding the Way to Inclusion, an affiliate conference, or other college admission counseling professional development event, consider sharing some of your session content with our readers in our Conference Corner column.

If you are interested in speaking with the Journal, email the editor and note which article or column you’d like to discuss. We are seeking a well-rounded representation of our membership and appreciate your perspective—please pass this along to colleagues whose voices should be included.

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