Call for Journal Interviewees

The Journal of College Admission is looking for members willing to be interviewed about the following:

Opinion: If you could recreate the college admission process from scratch, what would your top three priorities be? (Please submit 500–750 words to the editor. Four submissions will be chosen and run during 2020, one in each issue.)

Winter 2020

Information Overload:

  • Secondary: How many marketing messages do students receive on average and how does this affect their stress level?
  • Postsecondary: How do you know who to reach out to? What limits do you put on your marketing so that your school is matched with the right students?
  • All: What do you see as the right balance? What would a student and/or their family say is the right balance?


Safety Scene:

  • Secondary: What should students be asking admission officers about campus safety?
  • Postsecondary: What kinds of questions are students asking? How do you reply in an honest, assuring manner?
  • All: What is an appropriate, truthful message about the realities of dangers on campus?


Tuition Reduction:

  • Secondary: As students are more aware of rising college costs, what you advise as they explore financial options?
  • Postsecondary: How does this work at your school? What are the effects on budget and recruitment? How did you arrive at a price point that counters the average?


Unique Student Skills:

  • Secondary: Do you have a student who stands out in an unusual way? How do you help them with fit? How do you make colleges notice and consider them?
  • Postsecondary: How do you match students with unique skills to majors?

Spring 2020

Small Town Strengths:

  • Secondary: What unique strengths are rural students bringing to college campuses? How are their needs, wishes, and support systems different/similar to those of urban and suburban students? What can folks in the field do to better support your work in your counseling office?
  • Postsecondary: Do/how do you seek and attract these students? What do they bring to your school?
  • All: How can we tap small town knowledge from counselors, teachers, and administrators to do our work better to increase rural college access? How can we work together?


Parental Leave Landscape:

  • All: How does your school’s parental leave policy compare to those of the nation? How do these policies differ between high schools and colleges? How does the choice to have children and the related polices affect your career trajectory?


What is Fair:

  • All: Let’s dig into privilege, bias, and other issues that prevent college admission from being a true meritocracy. What factors that funnel into “fairness” and what do the resulting best practices look like?

Summer 2020

Managing Fly-Ins:

  • Secondary: How do you convince students/families that there is value in these programs—and get them to apply?
  • Postsecondary: Why are these programs are important? How do you handle the logistics, legalities, and costs of these programs?
  • All: Do you see these programs making a difference in the lives of underrepresented students? How so?


The IECs’ Place:

  • Secondary: How are the roles of school counselor and the IEC similar/different? How do you make room for each other with respect and without redundancy?
  • Postsecondary: Does the IEC offer a different functionality than a school counselor from your perspective? How do you see their role as a student advocate?
  • All: Stories of how the team—school counselor, IEC, and admission officer—all worked together to get a student to the right college.


Is the Pell Well?

  • All: Is the Pell fair? Is it enough? Should it be expanded? How have you seen it impact your students and school, and what do you hope to see in the future?


Additionally, we are looking for members who'd like to participate in the Colleagues' Corner column or author the inspirational Commencement Speech column. If you have presented at the NACAC national conference, Guiding the Way to Inclusion, an affiliate conference, or other college admission counseling professional development event, consider sharing some of your session content with our readers in our Conference Corner column.

If you are interested in speaking with the Journal, email the editor and note which article or column you’d like to discuss. We are seeking a well-rounded representation of our membership and appreciate your perspective—please pass this along to colleagues whose voices should be included.

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