Call for Journal Interviewees

studentmaskThe Journal of College Admission is planning a summer/fall issue that focuses on college admission counseling in the COVID-19 era.

If you are willing to speak to our writers on any of the following topics, please email the editor. We are seeking a well-rounded representation of our membership and appreciate your perspective—please pass this along to colleagues whose voices should be included. As educational and social disparities are coming to light, we'd particularly like to share the experiences and thoughts of BIPOC colleagues and those working with BIPOC student populations. 

Professional Perspectives: What messages of hope are you sharing with your students?
(Submit 100–250 words to the editor by July 27.)


Recruiting in the COVID-19 Era

  • What are the new challenges facing admission offices?
  • What are some of the strategies you have deployed as you seek to recruit students?
  • How have you connected with prospective students?
  • How is your institution planning to move forward with the fall semester?
  • How are is your institution providing support to economically disadvantaged students? 

Searching for a College in COVID-19 Era

  • What’s the “new normal” for high school students embarking on the college admission process this fall?
  • What changes should you and your students know be aware of (i.e. testing requirements, virtual visits, etc.)?
  • What are you hearing from families?
  • Is there a desire to stay closer to home?
  • Are there more concerns than ever about how to pay for college?

Mental Health Considerations in COVID-19 Era
Secondary and Postsecondary:

  • How are you caring for yourself?
  • How are you caring for students?
  • How are you caring for your staff?

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