Call for Journal Interviewees

Professional Perspectives
What are you looking forward to in in 2021? How will this year be different?
Submit written (100–250 words) and/or video answers to the editor by Nov. 20. If your submission is selected, you will be contacted by Dec. 1.


If you are willing to speak to our writers on any of the following topics, please email the editor. We are seeking a well-rounded representation of our membership and appreciate your perspective—please pass this along to colleagues whose voices should be included.

A Look at Virtual Advising
We’d like to hear from: Secondary NACAC and/or affiliate members, and subject experts

  • What were your trials, tribulations, and successes from the fall?
  • What are you expecting for 2021?

What are students thinking?
We’d like to hear from: Secondary and postsecondary NACAC and/or affiliate members, and subject experts

  • Are they enrolling? Deferring?
  • Do they feel safe on campus?
  • Are there additional concerns about being able to pay for their education?
  • What are you telling students to consider as they make post-graduation plans?
  • How are you reassuring potential applicants that they’ll receive quality educational experience amid COVID-related restrictions?

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