The New NACAC Logo

As NACAC has undergone major changes in its approach to member engagement, events, communications, and advocacy, a new approach to its visual identity and website user experience became a priority. 

Along with a new mission and vision announced in 2021, a modernized look updates the visual identity to match the member experience. 

About the NACAC logo:

  • The triangle, or arrow, image has pathways extending in various directions, all moving forward.
  • The lines in the triangle represent:
    • the pathways NACAC helps professionals define as their careers progress
    • how NACAC members help students define their academic journeys
    • light shining through the triangle, representing the clarity and insights made possible by NACAC’s engagement, research, and advocacy.
  • The use of the organization’s full name in the logo helps audiences less familiar with NACAC understand the organization’s focus.
  • The words “College Admission Counseling” are in bold because it is the core of our work.
  • The font, FS ME, was selected because it was designed with legibility in mind and created especially for those with learning disabilities.
  • The new color palette was designed for accessibility for individuals with colorblindness.

In addition to our new brand and logo, you might have noticed we launched a new website as well. Take a tour of our new features.