SIG Focus: Black and African Diaspora

Co-Leaders of the Black and African Diaspora Special Interest Group:

Warren Quirett – Episcopal High School

Tela Herring – University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Courtney Vaughn – The Lovett School

The mission of the Black and African Diaspora Special Interest Group is to support and advance the work of counseling and enrollment professionals as we help our students and communities realize their full potential, with particular emphasis on African American students’ transition to postsecondary education. The Black and African Diaspora SIG is committed to promoting highly professional, hands-on community work that fosters ethical and social responsibility.


We are dedicated to promoting the inclusion and visibility of Black and African Diaspora Special Interest Groups (BADSIGs) across all NACAC affiliates. Our efforts have focused on fostering collaboration and engagement among SIG members and affiliates to ensure that the voices and perspectives of Black and African Diaspora communities are represented and heard throughout the NACAC network. We do this through various initiatives, including our work to strengthen the presence and impact of SIGs in every NACAC affiliate to foster a more inclusive and diverse environment within the organization.

We have successfully organized and hosted vibrant conference social events for our SIG. Recognizing the strong desire among our members to connect and build community beyond our annual business meetings, we have created intentional spaces for fellowship and fun. Our socials, so far held at the NACAC conferences in Houston and Baltimore, have been a resounding success, attracting over 500 attendees each. These events have provided our members with valuable opportunities to network and forge meaningful connections, enhancing the sense of belonging and camaraderie within our SIG. We are committed to continuing these inclusive and engaging social gatherings to further strengthen our community within NACAC.

We also have initiated a grassroots campaign aimed at increasing the representation of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) within NACAC membership. With fewer than 35 HBCUs currently part of NACAC, we recognize the critical need for change in this regard. Our campaign focuses on partnering with NACAC and leveraging our membership to develop initiatives and advocate for policy changes that promote the inclusion of more HBCUs. By creating strategic partnerships and advocating for equitable policies, we aim to make NACAC membership more accessible and beneficial for HBCUs, ensuring that their voices and perspectives are integral to the broader conversations and initiatives within the organization. We are committed to driving this important change and fostering a more diverse and inclusive NACAC community.