Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the recruitment and selection of one or more nominees for each elected position on the Board of Directors on an annual basis. The committee also creates and manages all nominee activities and establishes the timeline for the Annual Member Vote.

Committee Members

Ffiona Rees, Chair
University of California – Los Angeles

Vern Granger, Chair-Elect
University of Connecticut

Nikki Baskin
Duke University (NC)

Carolyn Blair
Clayton High School (MO)

Jeremy Branch
The Haverford School (PA)

Michael Courtney
SAR High School (NY)

Tahirah Crawford
Columbia University (NY)

Kristen Dickerson
St. Charles Preparatory School (OH)

Kristin Dreazen
Edvice London

Chris Loo
The Stony Brook School (NY)

Joe Montgomery
North Carolina A&T University

Megan O’Rourke
Providence College (RI)

Paul Marthers
Emory University (GA)

Veronica Pena
University of Houston (TX)

Committee Demographics

Race and Ethnicity

Institution Type