Ad Hoc Committee to Establish Guidance for the Workplace Wellbeing of Professionals and Office Culture

The purpose of this benchmarking exercise is to improve the general well-being of college admissions professionals. NACAC’s members will benefit from accessing current guidance and research related to overall workplace wellbeing in secondary and postsecondary professional settings.

This committee is charged with:

  1. Working with industry and NACAC advisors to identify current benchmarking guidance, systemic reviews of secondary and postsecondary staffing needs, workload estimates, and successful/promising models for optimal staffing;
  2. Building a foundation of research, best practices, and existing standards upon which NACAC can build a body of knowledge and/or toolkit for the future;
  3. Providing recommendations to NACAC and its member institutions for how to address and support the wellbeing of professionals.

Committee Members


Ashley Araya

University of California, Riverside

Michael Cartusciello
Lesley University (NJ)


Kimberly Benns
La Salle University (PA)

Phoebe Blaisdell
Pomona College (CA)

Tanya Cummings
St. John’s (TX)

Mike Drish
Vanderbilt University (TN)

Scott Garbini
Garbini Education and Career Consulting LLC (CT)

Sara-Jean Gilbert
Illinois College

Robin Hamilton
Occidental College (CA)

Amanda Henry
Whitfield School (MO)

Marcelle Hicks
New York Institute of Technology

Aziza Janmohamed
Rice University (TX)

Katarina Ng
The Steppingstone Foundation (MA)

Laura Romer
University of Oregon

Wintress Ross
University of South Carolina

Carly Valenzuela
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (PA)

Committee Demographics

Race and Ethnicity

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