NACAC Celebrates National School Counseling Week

The team at NACAC acknowledges the important work counselors do to support students on their transition to postsecondary education. The association strives to provide programming and resources to advance the professional growth of school counselors.

In honor of this week, NACAC asked counselors to reflect on the powerful nature of their work. Here are highlights of what they shared:

“My biggest hope is for all students to graduate with a post secondary plan and actionable steps whether it’s college, military, trade school or a job. This way life doesn’t happen to them, they are active participants and decision makers.”

Ana Henriquez
Director of College & Career Counseling
Bronx Center for Science & Mathematics

“The most meaningful aspect of my work as a public school counselor is helping students find their pathway forward. The transformation that occurs between 9th and 12th grades never ceases to amaze me. Uncertain, tentative kids morph into (nearly!) full-formed adults – and helping each to see their next, best step after high school is the magic of this profession.”

Lara Sandora
Lead Counselor, College Counselor, 11th/12th Grade Counselor
TIDE Academy

“Engaging with the individual and collective experiences of my students on a daily basis is not only intellectually stimulating, but motivates me to explore innovative ways to serve as their advocate, while empowering them to make informed decisions. As a School Counselor, each day presents a new opportunity to (hopefully) make a positive impact in the lives of others and bear witness to the range of the human experience. “

Randy Stamm
School Counselor
Hackensack High School
NJACAC President-Elect

“As a rural public high school counselor, getting students to look beyond our area into the jobs and universities they would have never considered and then seeing them thrive is such a gift!”

Sharon Veatch
School Counseling Department Chair
Housatonic Valley Regional High School

This week – and every other week of the year – the team at NACAC appreciates the work of school counselors.

To support counselors’ work with students during the college search and application process, NACAC publishes the Guide to the College Admission Process. The publication is available for free online, and NACAC members receive a discount on bulk orders of the print edition. Additional resources for counseling professionals are available online.

Happy National School Counseling Week!