Arlington, VA (April 11,2022) – More than 200 colleges and universities nationwide are still accepting applications from students seeking openings, housing, or financial aid this fall, according to the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). NACAC’s College Openings Update for Fall 2022, now in its 35th year, provides counselors, teachers, and families with a list of colleges and universities that are still accepting applications from qualified first-year and transfer students and indicates if the institutions still have financial aid or housing available.

“The NACAC College Openings Update provides options and assurances for students who have not yet found a college to attend this fall,” said Melissa E. Clinedinst, director of research and grants. “Many terrific institutions are still seeking students for fall enrollment, due to ongoing COVID-related disruptions, as well as typical fluctuations in application and enrollment patterns.”

The NACAC College Openings Update has usually been released after May 1, National College Decision Day, but because of high demand, the association is releasing the update early for the second consecutive year. Both public and private institutions are listed.

Many colleges accept applications well after May 1 as a matter of policy, while others will continue to have openings available due to fluctuations that occur each year in the college admission process. The College Openings Update will continue to be updated as institutions submit information. Colleges will modify their information as availability changes. The update will remain on NACAC’s website through the end of July.

A fact sheet will be released in early May when we expect that additional colleges will have joined the list. More than 530 institutions were listed in last year’s update. To search the NACAC 2022 College Openings Update, go to



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