By Rachel Williams, NACAC Communications

Arlington, VA (May 16, 2024) – NACAC has entered into a collaboration agreement with the International Career and College Counseling Movement, known as IC³, which aims to establish career and college counseling in every school.

Through this collaboration, NACAC and IC³ will partner on content and share resources to increase awareness of the best college and career counseling practices, and of each other’s similar missions. The goal is to ensure that every school counselor knows of the resources and support offered by these organizations in building a robust counseling department at their schools.

In the coming months, NACAC and IC³ will have a presence at each other’s annual conferences. NACAC Conference 2024 will be in Los Angeles, California Sept. 26-28, and the 2024 Annual IC³ Conference & Expo will be in New Delhi, India Aug. 28-29.

Through this agreement, NACAC can further expand its reach to an international audience and IC³ can broaden awareness of its mission amongst the community of high schools and higher education institutions in the U.S. and beyond.

To learn more about IC³ and to register for the 2024 Annual IC³ Conference & Expo, visit