The population impacted the most by changes to college admission policies and practices now has an opportunity to inspire change and increase equity. 

Arlington, VA (December 15, 2022) – With the support of a grant from The Kresge Foundation, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) will have student input guide the work of a new committee focused on helping institutions develop equitable admission practices. 

“I’m fascinated by how often well-intended policy makers and educators make decisions about students without centering them in the process,” said NACAC CEO Angel B. Pérez. It’s time to change that paradigm. This initiative will have students lead us, and that’s how real change happens.” 

The committee, called the Ad Hoc Committee on Centering Students in the Development of Equitable Admission Practices, will publish a framework to assist colleges and universities in incorporating student perspectives into the development and implementation of admission policy and practice. This project will also include developing a model for incorporating student voices into future NACAC work.  

The aim is to create the conditions under which institutions and NACAC can more regularly involve students in decision-making processes in service of making postsecondary access more equitable for the long term.  

Half of the committee will be drawn from the NACAC membership, and the other half will be comprised of students. The committee plans to conclude its work in March 2023.  

This work advances recommendations from the NACAC-NASFAA report, Toward a More Equitable Future for Postsecondary Access. The report’s recommendations focused on four areas of admission policy and practice: (1) the college application, (2) factors considered in the admission decision, (3) institutional selectivity, and (4) admission office diversity. A commonality to all four areas involved engaging with students to better understand their experiences and orientations to the application and admission process. 


About NACAC 

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About The Kresge Foundation 

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