Professional Standards

​​​​​NACAC works to protect students’ rights in the transition to postsecondary education, through monitoring and enforcing ethical standards and practices.

Commissioned Agents and NACAC's Code of Ethics Series

This series aims to guide NACAC members in the responsible use of commissioned agents in international student recruitment.

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NACAC Unveils New E-Learning Course on Admission Ethics

NACAC's new e-learning course features critical information regarding the basic legal boundaries for the wide range of people who are involved in recruiting students for college.

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Task Force on Standardized Admission Testing for International and US Students

The Task Force on Standardized Admission Testing for International and US Student was created in response to a 2018 Assembly motion.

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E-Learning Course: College Admission Ethics in Action

College Admission Ethics in Action is an essential training course for everyone on campus involved in student recruitment.

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  • Research & Reports

    NACAC is dedicated to undertaking rigorous, unbiased research exploring issues of concern to college-bound students, their parents and the educators who serve them.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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  • Policy Initiatives

    Outreach efforts aimed at improving access and opportunity.

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Marginalized Populations

Counseling professionals can encounter unique challenges when working with certain student populations. Explore resources and learn more about working with these student groups.

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