Commissioned Agents and NACAC's Code of Ethics Series

For some colleges and universities partnering with commissioned agents to recruit international students is part of a multifaceted admission strategy. NACAC maintains a healthy concern over the potential effects of commissioned recruiting and is committed to advancing best practices.

This new series aims to guide NACAC members in the responsible use of commissioned agents in international student recruitment. The content, divided into six parts that will be released periodically over the coming months, will assist members in the implementation of the new requirements established in NACAC's Statement of Principles of Good Practice: NACAC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practices, approved by the association’s Assembly in September 2017.

NACAC Admission Trends Survey Data


Percentage of US Institutions working with international agents in 2017


Percentage of institutions that provide training manuals to agencies in 2017


Percentage of institutions that list agency contacts on a student-facing website in 2017

Resource Papers

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Member Perspectives and Resources

Wading Into the Waters of International Student Recruitment Agents

Read a member's experience navigating institution-agent relationships.

Getting Schooled: Lessons Learned from International Students

Read the experience of a counselor advising international students who were working with agents.

Trusted Sources

An overview of the many advisors who can help you through the college admission process.