Learn how to successfully counsel, recruit, and enroll students in an increasingly global landscape.

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Fundamentals of Recruiting and Counseling International Students

Gain practical knowledge, skills, and tools to enhance your effectiveness in working with international students and families, as well as your colleagues around the world.

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Commissioned Agents and NACAC's Code of Ethics Series

A series of six periodically released resources aimed at guiding NACAC members in the responsible use of commissioned agents in international student recruitment.

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Counselor Toolkit

A resource for counselors who advise international students attending US high schools as well as secondary schools which are considering enrolling such students

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Guide to International University Admission

A comprehensive resource for counselors and students about undergraduate college options abroad.

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Foreign and Refugee Students

Read the latest updates on policy changes affecting immigrant and refugee students in the US and the resources available to them.

Guide to the College Admission Process

This updated guide is an invaluable resource for students as they search for and select a school that’s right for them.

Supporting International High School Students in the College Admission Process: A Qualitative Study of College Counselors

This study explores the unique challenges and needs of counselors advising nonimmigrant international students in US high schools.

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