Individuals, firms and agencies can request to rent mailing lists with NACAC member information to market products and services, conduct nonprofit research and to share professional information. You can purchase the entire list, or specify college / university or secondary school members. Special selections are also available. See the member list application for details or the national conference mailing / email list application to reach conference attendees. Contact for more information or complete the form below.

Direct Mail List  

Direct mail lists include the following information for selected contacts that opted in to receive information from third parties at the time the list is produced: name, title, institution name, mailing address and category for easy sorting. Phone, fax and email address are not included. NACAC will email the requested list in Excel format to the person listed below for one-time distribution of material.  

What You Must Provide:  

  • A digital copy of what you plan to send.  
  • GDPR Compliance – The applicant must submit their organization’s GDPR compliance statement and DPO contact with the direct mail list rental application. Non-compliance will result in a denial of direct mail list rental. 

Start the process to rent a Direct Mail List

Email Broadcast  

Email lists are not provided directly to the renting organization. NACAC will send an HTML-formatted email broadcast to contacts on your behalf. Your email broadcast will not be scheduled until all items are received and approved. Orders are processed on a first-come-first served basis.  

Your HTML email must follow these parameters:  

  • HTML emails should either be built in an outside HTML editor like Dreamweaver or inside an Email platform editor  
  • 600-650 pixels wide  
  • Uses inline CSS styles and does NOT reference an outside CSS stylesheet (like a web page would)  
  • 80/20 text to graphic ratio  
  • Includes a text version  
  • Does not use background images  
  • Does not contain full URLs in the message body. Must use hyperlinks like “Click here” to prevent blacklisting domains in an email 
  • Uses Responsive HTML mark-up code to render correctly on mobile devices and tablets, etc.,  
  • Not generated Microsoft Office or another similar program  
  • Contain straight HTML, no JavaScript or embedded items like videos 

 What You Must Provide:  

❑ .HTM or .HTML File – FINAL HTML FILES ONLY. Any images used in your email must be linked back to an active website.  

❑ .TXT File – FINAL TEXT ONLY COPY OF THE FILE. Including all URLs as needed. 

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List Rental Pricing

Rates must be paid in full to receive any of the following items

Category Direct Mail List Email Broadcast
Full File $2000 $2500
College / University Only $1500 $2000
Secondary Schools Only $1500 $2000
Secondary Schools and

  • Community Organizations
  • Independent Educational Consultants
$1500 $2000