Virtual Exhibitor FAQs

I have registered my institution for an upcoming Virtual College Fair. What now?

Once you have completed your exhibitor registration through NACAC’s Community Hub, you will receive several communications. First, you will receive a confirmation email from NACAC with additional information and next steps. After that, within one business day from the time you registered, you will receive an email from asking you to complete your Matchmaking Profile for each college fair you are registered for. Once that is completed, you will receive an email from FairStop inviting you to the platform where you can begin setting up your virtual space.

Is there a place where I can see all the fairs I am registered for?

Yes! Once you login into your FairStop exhibitor account, you will see the exhibitor dashboard which will display all of the upcoming fairs you are registered for.

What is matchmaking?

Matchmaking takes the attributes of your college/university (geographic region, campus size, campus setting, etc.) and matches them to student interests. Both the institutions and students answer these questions when registering for the fair so the student answers are current and reflect their interests right now. This is an amazing way to maximize student leads that are a match for your campus! You can find additional information on matchmaking here.

How do I add content to my virtual space?

Once you are logged into your exhibitor account, you will be able to add videos, links, files and presentations to your “My Media Library.”

For walkthroughs on how to setup each, please reference the links below:

How will the event work when it actually goes live? How many staff members will be needed?

The FairStop platform lets you see how many “Active Booth Visitors” you have in your space at a given time. Aside from scheduled presentations, you should plan to have staff covering the 1:1 messaging and the Group Video Chat. How many staff members you have working on a given fair day is going to vary by institution, but you may need to be ready to adjust as needed.

How do I access my leads after the fair?

Leads can be accessed through the GoToCollegeFairs secure lead portal/college dashboard. Leads are delivered in real-time and unlimited leads are included with your registration.

For additional information on accessing your leads, including instructions on setting up your lead portal, please visit the GTCF Help Center.

I still need help. Who may I contact?

We are here to help! Please email for assistance. You can also email GTCF for assistance