Cancellations and Refunds  for National College Fair Programs

All changes and cancellations regarding any National College Fair program must be submitted in writing on institutional letterhead by email to NACAC Customer Service ( or by fax (703/373-2372). All refunds and credits are subject to a $50 processing fee. Registrations that are canceled or switched to another fair are subject to approval and are assessed cancelation and additional processing fees (including difference between early-bird and regular registration rates). These fees must be collected prior to registration changes being processed. Please note that additional scanner fees are non-refundable.

If a National College Fair program is canceled by circumstances beyond the control of NACAC – such as acts of God, war, government regulations, disaster, civil disorder, or curtailment of transportation facilities – to the extent that such circumstances make it illegal or impossible to allow the National College Fair program to occur, the registrant agrees that they will not hold NACAC liable for the cancellation and/or disruption of the program. If a National College Fair program is canceled, the registrant agrees to hold NACAC and its agents blameless and to accept the credit policy agreed upon by the NACAC Board of Directors.

Registration Deadlines and Refund Policy

The deadline to register as an exhibitor is two business days before each fair (both in-person and virtual) or when all spots are filled.

Spring 2024 College Fairs
2024  Spring In-Person Fair Dates Full Refund Deadline  50% Refund Deadline  Registration Deadline
Jan. 21 (Atlanta) Thu,  Dec. 14 Thu, Dec. 21 Wed, Jan. 16
Feb. 3 (Columbus) Thu,  Dec. 14 Thu, Jan. 4 Wed, Jan. 31
Feb. 7 & 8 (Pittsburgh) Thu,  Dec. 14 Mon, Jan. 8  Mon, Feb. 5
Feb. 7 (Inland Empire) Thu,  Dec. 14 Mon, Jan. 8 Mon, Feb. 5
Feb. 10 (Cleveland) Thu,  Dec. 14 Wed, Jan.10 Wed, Feb.7
Feb. 13 (Los Angeles) Thu,  Dec. 14 Fri, Jan. 12 Thu, Feb. 8
Mar. 3 (Miami) Thu,  Dec. 14 Thu, Feb. 1 Wed, Feb. 28
Mar. 6 (New Jersey) Thu,  Dec. 14 Mon, Feb. 5 Fri, Mar. 1
Mar. 10 (New York City) Thu,  Dec. 14  Fri, Feb. 9  Wed, Mar. 6
Mar. 17 & 18 (Rochester) Thu,  Dec. 14 Fri, Feb. 16 Wed, Mar. 13
Mar. 18 & 19 (Syracuse) Thu,  Dec. 14 Fri, Feb. 16 Wed, Mar. 13
Mar. 19 &20 (Montgomery County) Thu,  Dec. 14 Fri, Feb. 16 Fri, Mar.15
Mar. 20 & 21 (Hartford) Thu,  Dec. 14 Mon, Feb. 19 Mon, Mar. 18
Mar. 20 &21 (Buffalo) Thu,  Dec. 14 Mon, Feb. 19 Mon, Mar. 18
Mar. 23 (Charlotte) Thu,  Dec. 14 Thu, Feb. 22 Wed, Mar. 20
Apr. 9 (Prince George’s County) Thu,  Dec. 14 Fri, Mar. 9 Fri, Apr. 5
Apr. 11(Houston) Thu,  Dec. 14 Tue, Mar. 12 Mon, Apr. 8
Apr. 23 (West Michigan) Thu, Dec. 14 Fri, Mar. 22 Fri, Apr. 19
Apr. 25 (Metro Detroit) Thu,  Dec. 14 Tue, Mar. 26 Mon, Apr. 22
Apr. 27 (Vancouver) Thu,  Dec. 14 Thu, Mar. 28 Wed, Apr. 24
Apr. 30 (Providence) Thu,  Dec. 14 Fri, Mar. 29 Fri, Apr. 26
May 2 & 3 (Boston) Thu,  Dec. 14 Tue, Mar. 26 Mon, Apr. 29

Cancellation and change requests will incur a $50 processing fee and can be sent to

In-Person National College Fair cancelations must be received before the early bird deadline (December 14) to receive a full refund. Cancelations received up to 30 days from the fair date will receive a 50% refund. There are no refunds or credits for cancelations received less than 30 calendar days before a fair date. Please see chart above for refund and registration deadlines per fair. All cancelations will incur a $50 processing fee.