Ask the Admission Office is a series of six checklists that will help you determine what to ask colleges or universities before you apply.   Developed by NACAC in collaboration with its Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee.

Download the Individual Checklists:

Diversity on Campus
One of the benefits of going to college is meeting students from different backgrounds. Diversity on a college campus can mean differences in race, religion, ethnicity, gender, geography, etc. Download this checklist and start thinking about the questions you will ask.

Student Organizations and Support
This checklist can help you find an organization or issue that captures your current interests or piques new ones. When thinking about your next step, ask the following about services and resources available to help you navigate the transition.

Financial Aid
Paying for college is big piece of the admission process and can be a concern. There are many financial options that help make college more affordable. Consider the following when inquiring about paying for college

Academic Support
Learning in high school is very different from learning in college. In college, the most successful students are the ones who seek help before they need it. Use this checklist to ask the following about the support programs to help you succeed.

Campus Safety
Being a member of a campus community means ensuring you feel welcomed and safe. Be sure to ask the following questions regarding your safety, comfort, and more to determine if this is a community you want to join.

Colleges and universities offer a variety of housing options. When exploring options, such as location, cost, amenities, and programming, here are important factors to consider.

Download all the checklists.