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As a constituent, you have the right to expect your elected officials to pay attention to your opinions. Action alerts are a simple yet effective way to have your voice heard. Complete the action alerts here to tell your elected officials why these issues matter to you and encourage your colleagues and friends to join you.


Encourage your members of Congress to support school counselors


Write to your members of Congress to encourage their support for HR 614, the “Put School Counselors Where They Are Needed Act.” School counselors can make a big difference in the lives of students. However, many students have limited to no access to a school counselor, as student-to-counselor ratios exceed 450:1 nationally. In some states, that ratio climbs as high as 900:1. HR 614 would provide funding for schools to hire more school counselors. We need your help to build support for this important bill in Congress. See here for more information about student-to-counselor ratios in your state and district.


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