The 2024 NACAC Board Application Process is now open!

To provide additional insight into the application process and board service, the NACAC Nominating Committee will produce an exciting series of engaging conversations where members of the committee and NACAC Board will discuss a variety of topics.

Session #1 – So, You Want to be a NACAC Board Member?

Moderator: NACAC Nominating Committee Chair and Past Board Chair, Ffiona Rees

Panelists: Nominating Committee members, Carolyn Blair and Kristin Dreazen; Board Director, Joseph Montgomery

Session # 2 – Revelations and Insights: My NACAC Board Experience

Moderator: Immediate Past Board Chair, Vern Granger

Panelists: Board Chair, Angelica Melendez; Board Directors, Jeremy Branch, Tahirah Crawford, and Chris Loo

Session # 3 – Tomorrow’s NACAC: A Message from NACAC CEO, Angel Pérez

Please note that the board application process will close @ 5 pm ET on Feb. 28.

Have questions about the application process and/or board service? Please email