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Current Press Mentions:

AP News: Pandemic’s toll shows up on students’ college applications (Jan 13)

Seton Magazine: SAT/ACT/CLT in Time of COVID: Seton College Partners Speak Out (Jan 13)

Ingenious: Higher Ed’s Path to a Post-Post-COVID Life (Jan 13)

The Athens News: Ohio University announces hire for executive position to manage declining enrollment (Jan 12)

Inside Higher Ed: Admissions Have and Have-Nots (Jan 11)

The Journal Gazette: Colleges changing how they recruit (Jan 10)

Press Herald: High school seniors are choosing colleges sight unseen (Jan 10)

Robert Massa: The Early Decision Uptick: Colleges gain; Low-income students lose (Jan 8)

Common App: NACAC Virtual College Fair (Jan 6)

The Buffalo News: In a high school senior year like no other, the college search goes virtual (Jan 5)

FOX Business: How to avoid college application fees (Jan 5)

The Eye: Dear Seniors: How to SSS, because we couldn’t (Jan 5)

U.S. News: How to Find Free College Admissions Resources (Jan 5)

Forbes: 2021 College Admission Predictions (Jan 1)

Financial Planning Association: How to Think…About College Planning in a Pandemic (Jan 1)

CNBC: Covid is making it harder to get into a top college (Dec 29)

Brittany Consulting: What Has Not Changed in College Admissions (Dec 29)

U.S. News: How to Identify Safety Schools in College Admissions (Dec 23)

Paper News Network: Midwest College Consulting Earns Prestigious Professional Designation: Group’s Founder is the Only Certified Educational Planner in Cincinnati (Dec 23)

Forbes: The College Admission Precedent (Dec 22)

Ensphere: 6 Ways College Applicants Can Stand Out (Dec 22)

NASFAA: 2020 Year in Review: NASFAA's Policy, Grant, and Advocacy Efforts (Dec 21)

College Data: Pay Your Way (Dec 20)

College Data: Resources (Dec 20)

The Chronicle: What Sustains This Higher-Ed Reporter? Relationships (Dec 18)

Yahoo News: Navigating Test-Optional Admissions Amid COVID-19 (Dec 18)

USA Today: Immigration Qs were keeping students from applying to college. So Common App is changing. (Dec 18)

NPR: 'Losing A Generation': Fall College Enrollment Plummets For First-Year Students (Dec 17)

Mercy College: NYSACAC Annual Conference (Dec 16)

Inside Higher Ed: What Do Demographic Projections Mean for Colleges? (Dec 15)

KIPP DC: Public Schools: Engaging On The Issues (Dec 15)

Diversity Global: Dr. Crystal Newby Appointed as NACAC’s First Director of Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion (Dec 15)


Earlier Press Mentions:


ALP: The Admissions Leadership Podcast: DJ Menifee (Dec 11)

My Central Jersey: Online surveillance in college admission process (Dec 11)

The Bottom Line News: André J. Richburg Speaks In Student Forum For Director Of Admissions Position (Dec 11)

NPR: What It’s Like To Apply to College During the Pandemic (Dec 9)

IC3 Movement: The History, Evolution and Future of Career and College Counseling: IC3 Festival 02 December 2020 (Dec 9)

WACAC: Halfway Through the Year (Dec 8)

NAFSA: Equity and Access: A 2020 Perspective (Dec 8)

Daily Bruin: The Quad: How extended deadline, changed test criteria have affected applicants to the UC (Dec 8)

Smart Social: Parent Compass: 5 Conversations Surrounding College Admission with Eric Furda & Jacques Steinberg (Dec 7)

ECNT: 7 Essential College Admissions Resources During Coronavirus 2020 (Dec 5)

Our Body Politic: Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall on being fully Black and fully blue, Covid’s impact on U.S education systems and students, and Filipinos fighting disinformation (Dec 4)

GBH News: Applying To College During A Pandemic: The Playbook 'Has Gone Out The Window' (Dec 4) 

The College Post: Will College Be More Affordable Under the Biden Administration? (Dec 3)

Spoke: Midwest College Consulting Earns Prestigious Professional Designation: Group’s Founder is the Only Certified Educational Planner in Cincinnati (Dec 2)

World of Event Management: Industry news from all over the world (Dec 2)

Things that matter: Information for those at the intersection of mental health and education (Nov 30)

Cheverus College Advising: How Can I Afford College? (Nov 30)

Advanced Reporting Times: COVID-19: The Fall of High School Sports (Nov 29)

Vocabbett: A College Admissions Secret You Won’t Believe (Nov 29)

Patch: Sen. Scott Co-Sponsors College Application Month Resolution (Nov 27)

US News: What Biden's Plans Could Mean for Affording College (Nov 25)

Venice Gondolier: COVID has changed the college admissions process (Nov 25)

Daily Commerce News: Fact-Checking College Admission (Nov 24)

Georgia Tech: College Admission: Read, See, Discuss (…and Be Thankful) (Nov 20)

Catholic Homeschool: Christopher Lydon, Preparing and Paying for College, The Catholic University of America (Nov 20)

The Mirador Online: Many Students Are Applying Early Decision to Their Top College Choice (Nov 20)

Congresswoman Susan Wild: Reps. Wild, Guthrie Introduce Bipartisan, Bicameral Resolution Designating November National College Application Month (Nov 19)

Catholic Star Herald: Students navigate the socially-distant, SAT-frustrating, virtual route to college (Nov 19)

Ivy Global Blog: How To Make Your Application Stand Out With No SAT or ACT Score (Nov 18)

College Confidential: Switching from ED to RD after acceptance - is this ever possible? (Nov 18)

Counselors’ Corner: A Different Thanksgiving, Sort Of (Nov 8)

Forbes: How To Help College Applicants Get Financial Aid During Covid (Nov 17)

AGB: Enrollment Effects (Nov 17)

Good Housekeeping: 4 Tips for Applying to College During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Nov 17)

10 Magazine: Every English International Boarding School in South Korea (Nov 17)

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