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Current Press Mentions:

U.S. News: A Complete Guide to the College Application Process (Aug 22)

Bloomfield College: Bloomfield College Hosts Camp College for High School Students (Aug 19)

Politico: The case that could overhaul college admissions (Aug 16)

US News: How Colleges Choose Which Students to Admit (Aug 16)

The Business Journals: Why the CEO of a roaring ed-tech startup quietly moved to Buffalo (Aug 11)

The Wall Street Journal: Colleges Weigh New Admissions Strategies (Aug 9)

Inside Higher Ed: New Leaders Face a Daunting Foe: Themselves (Aug 9)

Inside Higher Ed: The Growth of Part-Time Readers (Aug 8)

Forbes: College Admission: This Is Not A Race (Aug 6)

Forbes: The Attack On Affirmative Action Is UnACCEPTable (Aug 2)


Earlier Press Mentions:

Inside Higher Ed: What Is the College Board Saying? (Aug 1)

Inside Higher Ed: When a Teacher Ruins a Student’s Chances (Aug 1)

U.S. News: What Students Should Know About the GPA Scale (July 22)

Adams House: Adams, Courtney Introduce Bill to Codify and Build on Overhaul of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (July 13)

Courtney House: New Courtney Bill Would Codify And Build On The Overhaul Of The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (July 12)

Inside Higher Ed: Justice Department Backs Antitrust Lawsuit (July 11)

Inside Higher Ed: Ethical College Admissions: Is Professional Ethics an Endangered Species? (July 11)

Inside Higher Ed:Admissions Without Applications (July 11)

Inside Higher Ed: U of Arizona Covers Tuition for Native Americans (June 29)

The Chronicle: Will the Fall of ‘Roe’ Change the College-Going Landscape?

Inside Higher Ed: Tulane Admitted Two-Thirds of Students Through Early Decision (June 27)

Inside Higher Ed: Ethical College Admissions: Is It Time for a New Paradigm? (June 27)

Ithaca College: Farewell to Lisa Searle in Admission (June 23)

OK State News: Oklahoma State University names Chen vice president of enrollment management (June 17)

The Chronicle: Why Fewer High-School Graduates Are Going to College (June 16)

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