NACAC in the News

NACAC in the News 

The New York Times: NACAC’s student-to-counselor ratio report is referenced in this op-ed on ways to improve college access at selective colleges. (April 7)

The Hechinger Report: Community college students still struggle to transfer all credits to four-year institutions, even as NACAC reports that transfer students are playing a bigger role in meeting enrollment goals. (April 9)

Inside Higher Ed: Former NACAC President Jim Jump discusses the ethical implications of college waitlists. (April 9)

US News & World Report: NACAC members Rob Durkle, Jeff Schiffman, and Christine Chu discuss ways parents can help their children in the college admission process. (April 9)

CNBC: This piece on steps waitlisted students should take references statistics from NACAC’s State of College Admission report. (April 11)

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