NACAC in the News

NACAC in the News

Inside Higher Ed: NACAC member and past president Jim Jump wrote about the flawed ways high schools brag about their students’ college admission statistics. (June 5)

Diverse: NACAC Board Member Zakiya Smith discusses the Lumina Foundation's work with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators to develop a website to benefit students whose colleges closed while they were enrolled or shortly after they withdrew. Smith is the Strategy Director at the Lumina Foundation. (June 5) 

NPR: NACAC President Nancy Beane commented on Harvard’s decision to rescind several admission offers due to obscene Facebook meme posts. (June 6)   

2017 National Conference Speakers in the News

Getting excited about the National Conference in Boston? We have an incredible lineup of speakers for you this September and we thought you might want to start to get to know them. Here are just a few of the speakers that have been featured in the news recently:

The Daily Pennsylvanian: Shaun Harper, the keynote speaker at NACAC’s National Conference in Boston, recently spoke at the Higher Ed Leaders Forum in New York City. (June 2) 

Fast Company: Ethan Knight discusses how to make your gap year appear attractive to employers. He will discuss a similar topic at the conference. (June 5)  

Inside Higher Ed: Diane Cheng, who will speak on financial aid at the conference, discussed the IRS data retrieval tool and its restored access for some borrowers. (June 5) 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Rick Clark discusses why the college admission process isn’t fair. Clark will present a session titled, “Return on Your College Investment: Taboo or Must Have?” at the conference. (June 7)

Inside Higher Ed: Martin Kurzweil discussed the U.S. higher education accreditation system and possible changes to it. Kurzweil will speak on “American Talent Initiative: Universities Speak Up for Low-income Students” at the conference. (June 8) 


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