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Inside Higher Ed: Welcome to the New Normal (March 26)

Wall Street Journal: Coronavirus Creates College Uncertainty, Admissions Gets Easier (March 25)

Napa Valley Register: A letter to graduating Napa Valley high school seniors and their parents from Napa’s community of independent educational consultants (March 25)

Forbes: 7 Essential College Admissions Resources During Coronavirus 2020 (March 24)

Washington Post: Here’s a list of colleges postponing the deadline to accept admission offers because of coronavirus (March 24)

Bloomberg: Colleges Fear Cuts If They Can't Fill the Next Freshman Class (March 24)

TapInto: COVID-19 and College Visitation (March 23)

Yahoo: Coronavirus Pandemic Has College-Bound Students, Parents Rethinking Higher Education Decisions (March 23)

Inside Higher Ed: Ethical College Admissions: The Adults in the Room (March 23)

Forbes: Coronavirus Silver Lining: Easier To Get Into Many Top Colleges (March 22)

Forbes: Redesigning College Admission: COVID-19, Access And Equity (March 22)

Forbes: What Does The Future Hold For Small College Athletics Programs In The Post-Coronavirus World? (March 21)

Washington Post: Virus crisis slams college admissions: Some schools extend deadlines for students to accept offers (March 20)

Yahoo: What to Know About Early Action, Early Decision in College Admissions (March 20)

Ed Surge: As Coronavirus Closes Colleges, the Campus Tour Goes Virtual (March 18)

Chronicle of Higher Education: Here’s Why More Colleges Are Extending Deposit Deadlines — and Why Some Aren’t (March 18)

Education Dive: Amid coronavirus, colleges wrestle with a chaotic recruiting environment (March 17)

US News: SAT and ACT College Tests Canceled Because of Virus Fears (March 16)

Inside Higher Ed: Ethical College Admissions: College Counseling in Interesting Times (March 16)

Education Dive: Coronavirus could rattle colleges' international enrollment strategies (March 16)

North Central PA: Bucknell University welcomes new Vice President for Enrollment Management (March 14)

Inside Higher Ed: Admissions Counselors Move to Change Code of Ethics From Mandatory to Best Practices (March 13)

Forbes: How COVID-19 Will Affect The 2020 College Admissions Cycle (March 13)

Daily Item: Susquehanna University names VP for enrollment (March 12)

Buffalo News: College Fair tops new event cancellations as coronavirus scare affects bookings (March 11)

Forbes: Is The Coronavirus Preventing Students From Taking The SAT? (March 11)


Earlier Press Mentions:


The Business Journal: "High Schools Push College, Students Not So Sure" (March 11)

Education Week: "School Counselors Need Better Training on College Admissions" (March 10)

Inside Higher Education: "How the Coronavirus Is Affecting Admissions" (March 9)

Montana Kaimin: The student perspective: "MSU’s New Recruitment Strategy Ain’t It." (March 3)

Inside Higher Education: "Ethical College Admissions: Yogi Berra, Wile E. Coyote and Albion," by NACAC member Jim Jump. (March 2)

Forbes: "3 Impacts Of Coronavirus On College Admissions" by NACAC member Aviva Legatt. (Feb. 24) 

Inside Higher Education: "Ethical College Admissions: Early Decision De-Commitment," by NACAC member Jim Jump.  (Feb. 24)

Inside Higher Education: Editorial by NACAC member Jim Mahoney: "The New Ground Rules for Admissions." (Feb. 24)

The Chronicle of Higher Education: NACAC members Greg King, W. Kent Barnds, Brian T. Grant, and Phil Trout discuss the impact on the admission process post-CEPP changes. (Feb. 11)

Forbes: NACAC member Brennan Barnard writes about NACAC’s new research on character in the admission process. (Feb. 13)

The Washington Post: NACAC CEO Joyce Smith discusses efforts to revamp college admission after Varsity Blues. (Feb. 15)

The Chronicle of Higher Education: NACAC member W. Kent Barnds shares his perspective on recruiting students already enrolled at other institutions. (Feb. 16)

Yahoo Sports: NACAC member institution Chicago Scholars is featured in this piece on the NBA All-Star Game. (Feb. 17)

The Hill: Educators pen an op-ed about the changes to the Code of Ethics and Professional Practices. (Feb. 18)

The New York Times: NACAC member Jason Reinoehl discusses financial fit in the college decision. (Feb. 20)

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