NACAC Awards

You are invited to nominate individuals to receive special recognition for their outstanding contributions to the field of education, to the profession and to our organization through the NACAC National Awards. Nominations are due to NACAC by April 15.

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National Awards

Excellence in Education Award

The Excellence in Education Award is presented to an individual who has improved the field of education and/or the way students are served.

Margaret E. Addis Service to NACAC Award

The Addis Award recognizes a NACAC member who has provided the association with unique and outstanding service.

Gayle C. Wilson Service to Education Award

The Wilson Award is presented to a NACAC member who, over a period of years, has performed outstanding service to our profession.

Other Awards

The Government Relations Award is presented to a NACAC member who has made outstanding efforts in support of policy initiatives that promote equal access to higher education, encourage student achievement and promote counselor excellence, and further the government relations priorities of NACAC members. Learn More
The Inclusion, Access and Success Award honors individuals who have been instrumental in making postsecondary education opportunities available to historically underrepresented students. Learn More
The John B. Muir Editor Award recognizes the author who has made the most significant contribution to NACAC's Journal of College Admission during the past year. Learn More
The Rising Star Award honors individuals and programs that exemplify excellence and dedication to serving the needs of students in the transition from high school to college. Learn More
The NACAC Student Video Essay Contest recognizes outstanding students in the city that annually hosts the national conference. Learn More
Member Spotlight

2008 Gayle C. Wilson Award Recipient

Ted Spencer

What were your thoughts or feelings when you learned you had been chosen to receive a NACAC Award? "I certainly know most of the former recipients, and I have been a tremendous admirer of their extraordinary contributions to the profession. To be considered in the same category as them, was a humbling experience. Perhaps the one person I admired the most is Gayle Wilson. Wilson was also a Michigan man, but more importantly, his dedication to "preserving the dream of American youths through informing and counseling students, parents, teachers, and many others about the value of higher education,” inspired me to attempt to follow in his footsteps."

Member Spotlight

1996 Addis and 1997 Muir Award Recipient

Mary Lee Hoganson

At the end of a long career, being able to look back and realize my work was of significance, beyond my school or even my state association, gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I have nominated others for this and other NACAC awards. I am delighted to see their work recognized, as well.

The Importance of the NACAC Awards

Previous award winners and leaders in the profession encourage members to nominate their colleagues for recognition through the NACAC Awards.

Recognizing professionals in the educational arena is very important. Educators, and especially counselors, rarely get acknowledged for their best practices. So having your peers recognize you for your good works motivates you to go back and continue serving students and families. It also encourages others to strive, do their best and become better practitioners.

Audrey Hill

2000 Addis and 1988 Human Relations Award Recipient

I believe that awards such as NACAC’s Wilson and Addis Awards allow the profession to shine light on what we can accomplish if we put our minds to it. It is not so much the individual that is honored, but the endeavors of a lifetime of service to students and the profession that are highlighted. All professions need exemplars to help shine a light on the path not yet trodden by our colleagues who are still in the act of “becoming.” Awards offer one ingredient to the sustainability of our profession.

Mike Barron

2006 Gayle C. Wilson Award Recipient

I feel association awards are important in providing a historical perspective for an organization. They encourage members to strive to improve why and how the organization does its business by reflecting on the actions and motivations of members who they perceive to have made a difference.

Sandy Behrend

2008 Margaret E. Addis Award Recipient

NACAC Honors College Admission Leaders

Ten individuals and three programs were honored during the association’s 73rd National Conference in Boston.

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