Tuesday Sessions

11 a.m. ET – 12 p.m. ET

At-Risk Students in a Post-Pandemic World: Addressing Gaps in the Transition and/or Return to Higher Ed
What challenges will underserved students face as they seek to enter, return, or complete their college education amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Learn how inequitable access to digital learning; growing academic and access gaps; and increased rates of poverty, financial instability, and food and housing insecurity will impact college choice and student success. Discuss mental health concerns and the stressors associated with leaving home amid global unrest, and then join with the presenters in developing proactive solutions to better serve students in this time of turmoil.
Nancy Lewin, Center for Equity in Learning, ACT
Melissa Caperton, American College Application Campaign,  Center for Equity in Learning, ACT

12 p.m. ET - 12:45 p.m. ET

12:45 p.m. ET - 1:30 p.m. ET

Recruitment on a Budget during COVID-19: Thinking Outside of the Box to Recruit Students of Color 
What would happen if you were asked to design, with a limited or nonexistent budget, a visit program, recruitment plan, or communication plan for students of color? Imagine doing so in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover effective and cost-saving strategies to engage, recruit, yield, and prevent summer melt of students of color. Presenters will provide several examples of how to think outside of the box when engaging students of color in the admission process.
Curtis Furguson, University of Southern California
Katrina Tijerina, The Colorado Springs School

In the Middle: College Access for Mid-Range Students
How can we provide college guidance for students in the middle? These students are not high-flyers with stunning GPAs or test scores; instead, they are solid students with average grades and test scores, often competing in the admission pool with exceptional candidates. Learn proven strategies for helping mid-range students become competitive college applicants, and glean insights from college admission professionals who partner closely with CBOs and college counselors to advocate for students in the middle throughout the college application process.
Brittany Lewis, Philadelphia Futures (PA)
Tyra Crosbie, Gettysburg College (PA)
Tracy Matthews, Friends Select School (PA)

1:45 p.m. ET - 2:45 p.m. ET

Plot Twist: Converting Crisis Responses to Calm Resolutions
First-generation, underrepresented college students encounter various barriers navigating the landscape of higher education. These challenges may trigger a crisis for students and potentially require us as practitioners to intervene at any given stage of a particular issue. Explore our shared responsibility as access, inclusion, and equity practitioners from high schools, community organizations, and higher education institutions to assist first-generation students in identifying strategies that elevate calm and mindfulness while reducing crisis thinking and behaviors. Let's stay ready for any situation so that we don't have to get ready in the midst of conflict.
LaShone Gibson, Boys Hope Girls Hope International (MO)
Wenie Lado, Carleton College (MN)
Jimmy Suarez, New York University

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