Eric T. Watson

Eric T. WatsonEric T. Watson
Associate Director for Diversity Initiatives & Inclusion
Texas A&M University

Professional Background

Eric T. Watson is a graduate of Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University, where he received his Master of Education in Higher Education Administration degree. He has held several positions at Texas A&M, including admissions counselor, undergraduate admissions counselor, senior regional advisor and supervisor, and now associate director for Diversity Initiatives & Inclusion. Of his tenure at Texas A&M, he said: “For 18 years I have recruited students to Texas A&M University, worked alongside high school counselors to assist students in applying, sat with families that were apprehensive about sending their child off to college, or off to Texas A&M. I have worked to be the bridge between the dream and reality, between the doubt of finding a space and establishing a community. I have treated every student as though they were my only recruit. My work in recruitment and outreach is only not helping to increase diversity at Texas A&M, it's also ensuring that when our first-gens, underrepresented students, undocumented, students, those in the ethnic minority, are able see themselves at Texas A&M and have the support and resources to thrive and succeed.”

Educational Background

  • Master of Education in Higher Education Administration, Texas Tech University, August 2019
  • Bachelor of Science, Agricultural Journalism & Communications, Texas A&M University, December 2000

Why are you serving on the faculty?

I am serving on the faculty because I am committed to DEI work and ensuring that secondary and higher education professionals are equipped with the most current research regarding access and inclusion, best practices, and the resources which allow them to do their jobs effectively. Ultimately, we are the bridge between those who are seeking knowledge about higher education access and those who already have obtained it. We are in a time in this country where it is more critical than ever to demonstrate to students and parents that higher education is still a valuable step toward independence, financial gain, and overall personal growth. As higher education professionals, we are aware of the barriers that continue to perpetuate the knowledge gap in America, and we owe it to ourselves to be good stewards of the information we obtained, what we're able to share, and the life-altering responsibility that drives us every day.

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