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Advance Your Career: Take NACAC's Financial Aid 101 e-Learning course to learn about college affordability.

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Financial Aid 101

Financial Aid 101 includes eight easy-to-use learning modules packed with information on subjects like loans, grants, scholarships and work-study. The program—developed for entry-level professionals in both the counseling and admission fields—features informative graphics and videos, as well as quizzes to help you measure your progress. Take your professional development to the next level!

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Financial Aid Updates

The Cost Conundrum

Packed within the big bundle of worries that high school students and their parents bring to the college admission process, the bulkiest item is often how they’ll pay for it. And too often, experts say, it’s not about lacking money, but lacking information.

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Financial Aid Basics: What Students & Families Need to Know

Download NACAC's financial aid presentation to use when meeting with students and parents and share it with your colleagues!

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Paying for College

The Next Wave list, curated annually, recognized 10 individuals for their contributions to education in 2016. Three of those honorees—including NACAC Board Director Zakiya Smith—have focused their attention on college affordability. The issue, they say, is central to preserving equality of opportunity.

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New From NACAC: Financial Aid 101 e-Learning Course

What Can You Expect from the Program:

This self-paced, foundational program offers two-and-a-half hours of lively, engaging learning. It’s a comprehensive introduction to a subject that grows more important every day.

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