NACAC’s Cosponsorship Process for NBCC Continuing Education

As an NBCC Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP), NACAC can grant Continuing Education Clock Hours to NACAC affiliate and partnering organizations for regional professional development events, according to NBCC procedures.

Receiving continuing education clock hours is often a key reason participants choose to attend our events. By partnering with NACAC as your event cosponsor, your affiliate will be able to minimize cost, save time, and predictably offer NBCC CE Hours.

ALERT: Affiliates will need to submit all required paperwork at least 100 days in advance of the program. NACAC will be strictly enforcing this deadline to ensure programs will be accepted by NBCC. (NBCC will not review applications that are not submitted at least 90 days in advance of the event.) Missing this deadline has prevented affiliates from offering CE clock hours for their program.

**Please contact Colleen VanDyke with questions or for more information.

Step 1 – Cosponsorship Application – At least 4 months in advance of the event

  • As soon as your event date(s) are finalized, complete and submit the Affiliate Cosponsor Continuing Education Request.
    • Within 5 business days, NACAC will send the following documents to the authorized signer(s) for electronic signature:
      • Continuing Education Cosponsor Relationship Agreement (per program)
      • Cosponsorship Application for ACEPs (per program)
      • Invoice payable to NACAC (The fee must be received by NACAC before your application can be submitted to NBCC.)
      • Affiliate Process Due Dates
    • Once the documents have been signed, you will receive a signed copy via email. This email will also include the instructions for step 2.

Step 2 – Collect session information from presenters – No less than 120 days before the event

  • Identify continuing education eligible sessions and distribute the online form to those presenters. Affiliate contacts will receive a sample email that they can share with presenters.
    • Following completion of the online form, the presenter will receive a confirmation email including a summary of the submission.
    • NACAC will review session submissions within 5 business days. After the session is evaluated, the presenter will receive an email indicating whether the session was approved or declined.
      • Approved – status will be noted as approved and include a summary of the information provided.
      • Declined – status will be noted as declined and a short explanation of why it does not meet the requirements will be included as well as a summary of the information provided. Submitted forms cannot be revised, so a new form will need to be completed.
  • Affiliate contacts can track submitted session proposals via an online portal. They are expected to monitor the portal to determine which session proposals have not yet been submitted.

Step 3 – Upload supporting documents – No less than 100 days before the event

  • Using the link provided in the cosponsor approval email, upload the following required documents:
    • Copy of promotional materials: emails, copies of postcards, etc. – include ‘promotion’ at the beginning of the file name
    • Sample session/program evaluation – include ‘evaluation’ at the beginning of the file name

Step 4 – NACAC final review – No less than 100 days before the event

  • NACAC will compile and submit all required documents and approved session information to NBCC for final evaluation and copy the affiliate. No additional sessions can be added after the 100 days prior deadline.
  • Once NBCC has provided final approval, NACAC will notify the affiliate contact so they can promote the NBCC CE credit opportunity.

Step 5 – After the program – No later than 45 days after the event

  • Using the link provided in the cosponsor approval email, upload the following required documents:
    • Summarized session evaluations – NACAC will need to receive these before CE certificates can be generated.
    • Attendance spreadsheet – The affiliate needs to send NACAC a completed spreadsheet using the template provided. Other formats will not be accepted.
    • NACAC will issue CE certificates directly to the program participants via email within 30 days of receiving the completed attendance spreadsheet.
    • There will be a $5 per certificate fee for additional or duplicate certificate requests after the initial names are submitted.

Step 6 – Archiving

  • Archive all submitted documents related to the event. NBCC requires the providers to retain event records and reports for 5 years and audits ACEP administrators every 3 years.

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