Government-Supported Advising Resources

Government supported advising resources include: 

  • National government-supported advisors or websites that promote a country's universities. 
  • Services include helping you research university options, hosting visits by traveling representatives of universities, and running education fairs. 

Tip: Start by contacting the consulate or embassy of the country where you want to study. Consulates and embassies may have a department, office or employee dedicated to education matters. 


Resources: The following countries are top hosts of international students. Click on your intended destination country below for their government-supported website. 

                          ​Australia                                                   Korea
                          Canada                                                Netherlands
                            China                                                 New Zealand
                          Denmark                                                Singapore
                            France                                                     Spain
                          Germany                                                  Sweden​
                            Ireland                                              United Kingdom​ 
                            Japan                                         United States of America

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