High School-Based Counselor or University Advisor

A high school-based counselor or university advisor is:

  • A qualified professional employed and paid by a high school to help guide your university search and application process. 
  • Provides unbiased advice about university options and admission processes, including those in other countries.
  • Typically students’ best advocate during the admission process. Often serves as the designated individual for sending official academic records to universities. 

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) believes there is a basic body of knowledge and fundamental skills one must possess to be effective in counseling students as they progress through school (elementary through university education) and make decisions regarding their choices after high school. Read NACAC's Statement on Counselor Competencies. 

 If your school does not have a counselor, consider working with one of the other professionals described in the tabs below. Your school principal or an academic administrator should be able to help you send official academic records and complete school forms required as part of the university application process.

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