International Student Recruitment Agency or Agent

  • ​A company (agency) or individual (agent) contracted and paid by universities in other countries to advise and recruit students to those institutions. 
  • Usually, the agency/agent is paid by its partner university only if and after a referred student enrolls and begins taking classes. This payment is often a percentage of a student's tuition fees, or a flat rate, and is called commission. 
  • Agents and agencies are the most likely to recommend universities they represent. However, they may also be able to help you apply to universities that are not their partners. 

Agent Quality Assurance
The following are examples of organizations and efforts aimed at agent quality assurance. This may take the form of training, certification, membership eligibility verification, and other assessments. 

Note: There is currently no independent corroboration of the effectiveness of such efforts that claim to monitor quality.

Tip: If you are considering an agent's services, ask to see a list of their partner universities. It is important to choose an agent who represents a diverse set of regionally accredited or recognized universities. This will help ensure that you find a university that meets your academic and personal goals. 

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