University Recruitment or Admission Officer

A university recruitment or admission officer is:

  • A salaried employee of a university who advises and recruits international students and reviews applications. 
  • Provides specific and accurate information about the university they work for, and details about the institution's application requirements and admission process. 
  • Can reliably help you gauge your qualification for admission based on the academic profile of previously admitted students.

College Admission Counselor Competencies
The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) believes there is a basic body of knowledge and fundamental skills one must possess to be effective in counseling students as they progress through school (elementary through university education) and make decisions regarding their choices after high school. Read NACAC's Statement on Counselor Competencies.​

Tips: University websites are another good source of reliable information for prospective students. Many universities have a dedicated section for international students on their websites. 

Current international students at a university are another great resource fas you endeavor to learn more about the institution. Ask the admission officers at the universities that you are applying to about the possibility of communicating with a current student from your home country or region of the world.

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