Non-NACAC Publication Excerpt Policy

The NACAC Journal of College Admission welcomes excerpts from works of outside authors.


  • The work's subject matter must relate to college admission counseling. 
  • Work must be unpublished, with plans to publish within a year from date of publication of the excerpt. Self-published works are welcome, but will be closely reviewed.
  • Excerpt content and delivery to NACAC members will be negotiated by the Journal editor and the author/publication representative. Excerpts should be thoughtfully excerpted to stand as independent pieces.
  • Excerpt payment will be negotiated by the Journal editor and the author/publication representative. Because NACAC is a non-profit, it is likely that excerpts will be unpaid or ad space will be negotiated.
  • There is a two-year moratorium on publishing excerpts from the same author.
  • NACAC and its representatives (i.e., the Journal editor) reserve the right to accept or deny publication of worked based on assessment of the content's relevance to its members.

For inquiries, email the editor.

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