Fundamentals of College Admission Counseling (Fourth Edition)


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The fourth edition of Fundamentals of College Admission Counseling: A Textbook for Graduate Students and Practicing Counselors is now available for purchase. The text is comprised of reflections from practitioner leaders, conceptual and theoretical frameworks, as well as discussions from researchers and faculty of institutions across the country. The fourth edition equips practitioners with core knowledge and skill-sets necessary to effectively assist students and families with postsecondary planning and college enrollment.

Outline of Content Sections

I. Framing the Field of College Counseling: These chapters offer a foundational understanding of college counseling, ethics of practice and essential theoretical frameworks for college counseling. Chapters authored by:

  • Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, PhD
  • LaVerne Ware, PhD and Jonathan D. Mathis, PhD
  • Ronald E. Hallett, PhD and Tenisha Tevis, PhD
  • Jonathan D. Mathis, PhD and Todd M. Laudino
  • Peggy Hock, PhD and Katy Murphy

II. Defining the Work of College Counselors: This section moves from theory into practice, with specific attention to establishing a college counseling office or department, using data in the college counseling office, academic planning, and understanding college admission testing options. Chapters authored by:

  • Lisa Sohmer
  • Esther B. Hugo, EdD
  • Christopher W. Tremblay, EdD
  • Trish Hatch, PhD
  • David Hawkins, including articles from:
    • The College Board
    • Wes Habley, EdD and ACT, Inc.
  • Grant Blume
  • Rod Skinner

III. Identifying Pathways and Options: Chapters featured in this section fall into two categories—the exploration of the various routes to and through college; and the investigation of options available to finance postsecondary education. Chapters authored by:

  • ​Patrick O'Connor, PhD
  • Chrystal A. George Mwangi, PhD
  • Kristan Venegas, PhD
  • Angel B. Pérez

IV. Serving Our Students and Families: In this section, the content focuses on diverse student populations, as well as advocacy and support offered by college counseling professionals. Chapters authored by:

  • Adrian H. Huerta
  • Kya Dixon, Phyllis Jeffers-Coly and Nicole E. Smith
  • Terence J. Houlihan
  • Patricia Montague
  • Rod Skinner 

V. Advancing Our Work: The fifth section includes content that extends beyond the direct support provided to students while in the college enrollment process, including: pre-college awareness and exposure for secondary school grades; collaboration among schools, families, community-based and professional organizations; supporting students after graduation;​ and forecasting what new professionals need to consider as the field of higher education continues to evolve. Chapters authored by:

  • Robert Bardwell
  • Julia Bryan, PhD, Dana Griffin, PhD and Lynette Henry
  • Raquel M. Rall, PhD
  • William G. Tierney, PhD
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