For-Profit Colleges: What to Know Before You Enroll

For-Profit Colleges: What to know before you enrollWhen looking into options for higher education, you’ll come across three broad categories of colleges: public schools (state schools and community colleges), private non-profit schools, and for-profit schools (career colleges, often online universities).

Colleges and the programs they offer vary widely in terms of size, student population, location, tuition costs, course offerings, specializations, teaching method, and other factors.

There are a lot of things to consider with respect to your college options, among them affordability and quality of the program. While there are many schools that can offer you a quality degree or certificate, unfortunately some for-profit schools engage in aggressive and misleading recruitment practices that overstate program quality and graduation and job placement rates, leaving students with a lot of debt, underemployment and economic hardship. Be aware that some for-profit colleges may not have your best interests in mind.

This guide includes a set of questions that can help you avoid the misleading tactics of some for-profit college representatives and ensure you consider your options before enrolling in any school.

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