Student Empowerment in College Admissions (S2, Ep4)

In these final weeks of this year’s college admissions season – a stressful time in any academic year, but especially so this spring amid the lingering pandemic -- many high school seniors and their families still have important decisions to make. Some are continuing to weigh offers of admission from multiple colleges and universities, comparing and contrasting those institutions’ respective communities and course offerings, among other attributes, often without benefit of being able to visit in person. Others are crunching the numbers, taking the measure of potential tuition bills and financial aid packages. Still others may be in limbo on waiting lists or considering a gap year.

In this episode of College Admissions Decoded, four experts– two working in university admissions offices, and two others in college counseling offices at high schools – offer tips and other advice, as well as perspective, to students and their families as they navigate these and other final decisions. Among the panelists’ key insights: for all those aspects of the admissions process that are outside applicants’ control, many students are now in a position of empowerment, and very much in the driver’s seat as they decide where they will go to college next year. The conversation also encourage listeners to look past the decisions at hand and begin laying groundwork later this spring and into the summer that can lead to students’ success in their first year of college, and beyond. 

Our panel of experts from the National Association for College Admission Counseling includes:

  • Ken Anselment, vice president for enrollment and communication, Lawrence University (WI)

  • Jonathan Ferrell, director of college counseling, Pace Academy (GA)

  • Rachel Hernandez, senior vice provost for enrollment management and student success, University of Texas, Austin

  • Tara Miller, lead college counselor, Stephen F. Austin High School (TX)


This episode is moderated by Jacques Steinberg, New York Times best-selling education writer. 

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