Stressed Out: The Pandemic’s Effect on the Mental Health of Students Applying to College (S2, Ep1)

Multiple studies have shown that the coronavirus crisis has made us more depressed, anxious, and stressed. Students are not immune from these effects, particularly when they are juggling other stressors, including the college admission process.  Remote learning, physical distancing, and the cancellation of extracurricular activities and other milestone events have only ratcheted up feelings of isolation and anxiety for many students – and all this is happening as they’re engaged in the college search process, which can be overwhelming in the best of times.  Hear real-life advice from veteran college counselors for easing students’ mental health concerns. 

Our panel of experts from the National Association for College Admission Counseling will take a closer look:

  • Norma Gutierrez, director of college counseling, Saint Thomas Academy (MN)
  • Celeste Surís-Rosselli, director of college counseling, The Baldwin School (PR)

This episode is moderated by Edward Truong, associate director of admission at the University of Puget Sound (WA). Download transcript  |  View on Simplecast


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