Podcast: College Admissions Decoded - Season 2

Welcome to Season 2 of the College Admissions Decoded podcast!

This podcast features NACAC member-experts in conversations that speak directly to parents, families, and the general public to help demystify the college admission process.

College Admissions Decoded examines how the college admission process works for the approximately 20 million students who apply each year. The series also spotlights how college admission in the US can continue to make progress toward more inclusivity, transparency, and service to students.

College Admissions Decoded offers a true insider's perspective on the world of college admission. See the Season 1 episodes. We welcome your suggestions for future podcast topics and guests. 

Latest Episode

Getting to Know the Campus When the Coronavirus Lockdown Won’t Let You Visit

S2, Ep. 6: Traditionally, campus visits have played a critical role in helping students figure out which school is right for them. But with coronavirus restrictions keeping many campuses (and families!) on lockdown, how can students get a feel for what life—and learning—looks like at their targeted institutions? Experienced school counselors offer tips for determining the right “fit” from afar.

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Season 2 Episodes

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