Announcing the Results of the Special Member Vote

By Todd Rinehart, NACAC President

Dear Colleague,

Last Friday, voting concluded on the proposed amendments to the NACAC bylaws that would allow all eligible members to vote in the election of board directors and officers. The results have now been tallied and verified by the NACAC Chief and Assistant Chief Teller.

By a more than two-thirds majority, the amendments were approved, making it possible for all eligible NACAC members to take part in the election in Fall 2021 and in the years to come.

More than 3,600 of your NACAC colleagues cast ballots in this special vote, our largest single member vote ever, demonstrating our members’ strong desire to be personally involved in the governance and leadership of their association.

In addition to the election of board directors and officers, the amendments covered complementary issues including the methods by which voting takes place and board eligibility requirements, all of which take effect immediately. Our hope is that these changes make NACAC’s governance processes more inclusive and transparent.

With these issues decided, watch for messages inviting members to apply for board service and for other, related news. I am grateful to all who participated in the just-concluded vote. I’m proud of your passion and desire for engagement in NACAC. Thank you for all you do every day for our colleagues, our students, and our profession.


Todd Rinehart
NACAC President
University of Denver, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment

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