NACAC Urges Support, Flexibility for Students Affected by Disasters, Disruptions

NACAC urges colleges and universities to be flexible when considering application deadlines, requests for high school transcripts, teacher recommendations, and other information from students who may be affected by disasters and disruptions in their school year.

Already this fall:

  • More than 460 schools in 21 counties across California have shut their doors as the state fights wildfires.

  • Tornadoes and severe weather recently caused widespread damage to schools and residences in the Dallas area, leaving many students displaced for the foreseeable future.

  • The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) began a labor strike after reaching an impasse with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and the Mayor’s Office over a five-year contract negotiation. In addition to teachers, this strike, which began Oct. 17, includes school counselors and other support staff critical to the timely and successful submission of college applications and school supporting documents.

Affected students may not have official transcripts or financial records to submit in the application process. Counselors and other school officials may not be available to prepare letters of recommendation to complete an application as normally requested. Many students have no power in their homes for the foreseeable future and are unable to submit applications.

We ask that colleges and universities throughout the country exercise flexibility and discretion, especially regarding Nov. 1 deadlines for students impacted by these and other events, including school closures due to severe weather.

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