NACAC Encourages Flexibility and Accommodations for Students and Families Affected by Wildfires in California

NACAC joins Western ACAC President Marc McGee in recommending flexibility and accommodations for students and families affected by the devastating wildfires in California.

In an email to all Western members, McGee urged its college-affiliated members to contact “those directly or indirectly impacted” by the wildfires to offer “opportunities for application deadline flexibility where appropriate, application fee waivers where appropriate, or other types of accommodations.”

“The University of California and California State University systems have already posted such offers and support statements on their application websites,” McGee said. “It would be wonderful if all campuses—both public and private—let students and counselors in the impacted communities know that their institutions will work with them as they deal with recovering from these natural disasters in the midst of the stressful college application process.”

“We have all been witnesses to the horrible impacts of the recent fires in the California counties of Butte, Los Angeles, and Ventura,” he continued. “As the number of homes destroyed reaches close to 10,000, I’m sure you want to help the fire victims in any way that you can.”

NACAC encourages counselors, students, and families to check individual school websites for updates on the application process.

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